Lesson Plan : Moving with ABC's

Teacher Name:
 Elizabeth McClelland

 Learning ABC's with movement/music
 Music/Language using movement and music to learn
 #1 goal- is to help the children that don't know the ABC's to learn them with other friends or classmates. #2 goal- to encourage the children that already know the alphabet to help friends. #3 goal- is to have fun while learning
 objective 1-to encourage children in dramatic movement objective 2-to introduce new ways to learn ABC's together as a class or at home Activity- have children stand in open space, sing the ABC's once, explain to children when there turn comes to say the letter of the alphabet and the sound it makes(while jumping), if child doesn't know it then the whole class helps and joins in and the whole class even teacher jumps too!! When completed the alphabet encourage children to continue while teacher helps others that don't fully know alphabet.
 wide open space to move in, music(optional)
 explain to children how fun it will be to move around and sing together their ABC's
 teacher with demonstrate first how the activity should go and this will encourage children to want to do the same.
 allow children to try together after explaining how activity goes
 some children may need more help than others, and some children may need more guidance with the actual alphabet.
Checking For Understanding:
 ask children to say the ABCs without dancing and moving around and get a better understanding as to if children grasped concept
 allow children free time to reflect on how the activity went and how fun it was for them and their classmates
 The activity was a success because children enjoyed doing the activity and children progressed more and more the further the activity.The children that needed help where happier when teacher or/and assistant was doing the activity with them side by side.
Teacher Reflections:
 I enjoyed doing this activity with the children it was fun and exciting to see them actually having fun while learning. The children enjoyed being able to move around and dance. Children like to have fun and seem to learn faster and better when there are activities that make learning experience worth learning.

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