Lesson Plan : Remember Me ABC Game

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 Language Arts

 Matching and Differentiating upper and lowercase letters of the Alphabet
 Learning what lowercase letters of the alphabet looks like. The first letters children learn how to write are uppercase so it is important that they are taught and understand the proper way to write lowercase letters. The NJLAL Standard that is targerted in this educational game/lesson is writing, because when they are done they should be able to write the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
 To know the letters of the alphabet and match upper and lower case letters together, so that they are able to write using lower case letters.
 To match the uppercase letters to themselves, the lowercase letters to themselves, or match the upper and lowercase letters letters
 26 index cards with all the uppercase letters of the alphabet 26 index cards with all the lowercase letters of the alphabet The amount of sets needed depends on the number of children in the class. Children work in groups of 2 or 3's. (all letters on index cards should be prepared and ready for the students at the start of the game.) A chart with the alphabet on it should be visible somewhere in the classroom.
 Start off by going over the alphabet with the students visually. Use a chart of the alphabet in the front of the room to do this. Then explain to them that they will be given a set of index cards and with a partner that will had to match the letters of the alphabet.
 Procedure: Divide the students into groups of two. Explain to them you want to organize the letters three different ways: 1. All Uppercase letters in order 2. All lower case letters in order. 3. Upper and Lowercase letters together in order Hand out a set of cards with the upper and lowercase letter to each group of students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Walk around the room as the students are organizing the cards into their proper order. Pay attention to the participation of each student in organizing the letters. Match sure to look for the most important part of this game/lesson: were the students able to match the upper and lowercase letters to each other?
 This game is a fun and educational way for students to learn the letters of the alphabet. By playing this game they are not only using teamwork because they are working together to match the letters, but they are advancing their own personal abilities to write and differentiate the two forms of letters.
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