Lesson Plan : Letters Everywhere!

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 Leah Price
 Literature Activities

 Letters Alphabet Alphabetic Order Building Vocabulary
 1. Students will be able to identify letters with 90% accuracy independently. 2.Students will begin to understand sounds that each letter makes. 3.Students will be able to sound out the blend sounds that are shown in diagrams with 90 percentage points of accuracy and relation. 4. Students will begin to understand the order of letters and be able to alphabetize over 6 letters with 95% accuracy.
 The student will identify and write each letter of the alphabet. NCSCOS 1.02 Develop phonemic awareness and knowledge of alphabetic principle: demonstrate understanding that spoken language is a sequence of identifiable speech sounds. demonstrate understanding that the sequence of letters in the written word represents the sequence of sounds in the spoken word. demonstrate understanding of the sounds of letters and understanding that words begin and end alike (onsets and rimes).
 "Lots of Letters" book paper crayons/markers pencils Oak Tag Parchment Paper
 The Teacher will say, "Okay Boys and Girls, lets go sit in the circle area. Its time to read a book". This book will be fun and teach us about letters, the sounds they make, and the order of the alphabet.
 The teacher will say, "We're going to sit in the circle area and read a book called, 'Lots of Letters'. When I turn each page, I want you to say the name of the letter". What is your favorite letter? My favorite letter is the Letter "Z" because you don't see it that often. Also my favorite animal's name begins with a "Z". Do you know what my favorite animal is? That's right, you guessed it! A Zebra. I love my stripped friends.
 The ELL kids can tell the teacher what the letters are in their home language. They can then write the letter underneath the picture in both english and their own language.
Checking For Understanding:
 Collect the Students books to see if they accurately matched the letter with the picture that they drew.
Teacher Reflections:

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