Lesson Plan : Letter Recognition and Writing

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Jarvio
 Grade 1

 The alphabet, recognition letter and writing skill. The students will apply their knowledge of letters and letter sounds as they play games and interact with letters on class, using what they see,heard and learn .
 Understanding letter sounds helps young children with beginning reading and writing skills.
 Interact with letters in a variety of settings to better understand the letter nameďż˝sound connection. PURPOSE: To help students learn a topic through research, drawing, and the production of a finished product.
 OBJECTIVES: As a result of this activity, the students will be very familiar with their topic and will have used some thinking skills, research skills, art skills, and cooperative skills
 RESOURCES/MATERIALS: Alphabet books or activity book paper, pencil, crayons or other.piece of paper. scissors.audio about the alphabet.
 5 minutes Assign letters of the alphabet to individuals,partners, or groups. Topics could be: practice to write the children's name.
 15 minutes Demonstrate their knowledge of letter names and sounds by creating the poster children's names.
 20 minutes After you have put all the names cards in order, invite students to say the names of the students and repeat the first letter sounds of the names.
 Then they can work together to put the alphabet in order. Exchange pictures and have someone else list all the letter.
Checking For Understanding:
 Display the Alphabet Picture Pages cards for the letters in random order. Ask students to say the name of the picture and then identify the beginning letter. Draw attention to the sound they hear at the beginning of the word.
 5 minutes singing the song about the alphabet.
 oral practice, individual participation or groups.
Teacher Reflections:
 Reflect on each student's ability to identify the names and sounds of letters.

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