Lesson Plan : Alphabet and the ABCDs

Teacher Name:

 We will be learning to recognize our ABCs. Letters A B & C. To teach the children there letters b and d.
 Practice saying alphabet relating letters to objects relating sounds of letters to objects relating sounds of letters to seeing letters.
 My goal is to show the children how to recognize each letter and the sounds they make. Also to help them recognize objects that represent each letter. To have the children become familiar with the letters A B & C To learn the sounds and learn how to write the letters introduce the lower case letters.
 I will use my voice to let Charlene hear the difference between the two letters. At the same time I will have the picture in front of the children to show them the difference between both letters.
 Worksheets and some objects that begins with the letter that you are learning such as on the day we study A bring an apple. Paper and pictures of the letters. Books, alphabet cards, journals and writing material, music, computer games, manipulatives, alphabet games.
 Show them what the alphabet as a whole looks like and explain that all of the words we use are made up of these 26 letters. Introduce the letters during circle time.
 Show them letters used in specific words A for Apple and so on. Show the letters, demonstrate how to write the letters, discuss the sound of the letter, think of words that begin with these letters.
 Have them try writing the letter while saying it aloud, and thinking of other words it may be used in. Practice writing the letter, play games with the letters, cut out pictures of things that begin with that letter, sing alphabet songs.
 Students with difficulties will be given extra materials including computer, manipulatives, sandpaper letters, play dough, sign language, books on tape.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of the week when all 5 letters have been studied review all letters learned in that week such as A,B,C,D,AND E.
 Use all letters in writing words or silly sentences.
 Make sure they have completely understood each letter as it is being studied. That they can recognize each one.
Teacher Reflections:
 Make sure all children understood the lesson, and are becoming familiar with the letters are begin to write the letters on their own and can name something that begins with that letter.

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