Lesson Plan : Letter A

Teacher Name:
 Michelle Batten
 Language Arts

 Understanding the letter A
 Writing the letter A while learning to recognize the letter in words.
 Mastering the recognition and writing of the letter A.
 The ability to write the letter A in upper and lowercase. Visually recognizing the letter as well as learning the sound. Studying what words contain the letter A.
 Three activity pages pertaining to A from www.teach-nology.com
 Ask the students to name a dinosaur that begins with the letter a. Answer: "Apatosaurus". Give information about the dinosaur and tell the students the class is studying the letter A.
 1: Learning to trace the letters Aa 2: An activity game - word list 3: A second activity game - letter boxes 4: Studying words with the letter a
 The first two activity pages as a class to go along with the lesson.
 For the second page of activity, if a child demonstrates difficulty with scissors and glue there is an option of drawing with crayons or pencils.
Checking For Understanding:
 The first activity page is the see if the students are grasping the ability to write the letter a in upper and lower case. The second activity page is to see if the students are learning to recognize the a in words and words that start with a. The third activity page is to see if the students are understanding and recognizing the difference in the upper and lower case a.
 Singing the alphabet will help them to learn the alphabet as well as anticipate the other letters that the students will be learning in upcoming lessons and ask for a repeat of some things they learned from today's lesson.
 By collecting the activity pages it will allow me to assess each student's progress and evaluate their individual as well as group understanding in the reading, writing, and recognition of the letter A.
Teacher Reflections:

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