Lesson Plan : Draw and Write The Alphabet

Teacher Name:
 Rebecca Mangan
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Learning to write and Draw the Alphabet
 1. Students will begin to understand connections between letters and words.
 1. Students will be able to recite the alphabet in order. 2. Students will be able to write down each letter of the alphabet in order. 3. Students will be able to sing along with "Alphabet Affirmation" by Bunny Hull. 4. Students will be able to associate a word with each letter of the alphabet. A: apple, B: bear.
 "Alphabet Affirmations" by Bunny Hull, .99 cents on itunes ABC's by Eric Carl
 I will gather the class in a circle on the carpet and ask them to recite the alphabet in order in unison.
 I will then read Eric Carl's ABC's to the class. After I've finished reading it I will then play Alphabet Affirmations for them twice and then have them try to sing along the third time with Bunny Hull.
 We will move from the carpet back to our seats to grab our chairs and to set up for musical chairs. Our music will be Alphabet Affirmations and whatever letter Bunny ends on before the music stops will be the beginning letter of the word the child who didn't get a seat has to say. It can be anyword as long as it begins with the letter that she ends on.
 Hearing impaired students wouldn't be able to participate in musical chairs and could instead help the teacher stop and start the music. They would sit close to the teacher as they read ABC's so that they see the letters associated with the pictures since they can't hear them. Visually impaired students would be able to participate in musicla chairs if they felt comfortable since the chairs are arranged in once circle and the movement is controled.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will ask the students to practice writing their alphabet out three times and as they as I will walk around the classroom and see who needs more help and who doesn't. Aplhabet Affirmations will be playing while the children complete this activity and it will help them write the alphabet down in order.
 I will ask the class to pick their favorite letter of the alphabet and have them draw a picture of something they like that begins with that letter. They will share their drawings the next morning with the class.
Teacher Reflections:

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