Lesson Plan : Eating P's

Teacher Name:
 Rhonda Bral
 Language Arts

 The letter P (which is already acquired by the atypical developing learner). Elaborating on existing knowledge will be a means of strengthening existing skills and allow for easier transition of learning new skills. (EDITED)
 The /p/ sounds associated with food. Vocabulary words connected to this lesson are: peas, pizza, pudding, pineapple, pop, popcorn, pretzels, potato, popsicle, pickles, peppers, peanut (butter), pasta, pears, peaches. Additional vocabulary will be present progressive -ing words such as popping, eating, cooking, peeling, making
 Students will be able to elaborate on existing knowledge of articulating /p/. Students will be able to articulate simple sentences (expressing one thought) using present progrssive -ing forms. For example, "I am popping popcorn."
 Given pictures of food, actual objects and food vocabulary, students will orally express their association through the use of a simple sentence. Students will use the "ing" suffix as they actively engage in a task using a specific food.
 Pairs of picture cards with the different /p/ foods on them (listed above). For example, we will have two identical cards with a picture of a pizza on it. Food samples with initial /p/ sounds, as listed above. A plastic knife. A microwave oven, plates, and microwaveable popcorn.
 Place all /p/ foods out on a table in front of student. Make sure to have each entity (a piece of pizza for example) on its own plate. Show student each card (twice to make retrieval more likely) with pictures on it. Ask student what each picture card represents. Assist student by telling what the food item is if there is difficulty.
 Let students taste each food item while naming the food on the card. For example, when students looks at a picture of popcorn, they can sample the popcorn. If there is difficulty, assist student by showing what the food item is, shown in the picture. Additionally when student arrives at the popcorn picture, take a bag of microwaveable popcorn and actually witness the popping of the popcorn. While the popcorn is popping , tell students that, "We are popping popcorn." Repeat this several times. Then ask "what are we doing?" The same should be done with peanut butter. Engage in making a peanut butter sandwich. Also engage in pouring "pop" to wash down the peanut butter.
 After students have gone through each food item, let them take a break. After several minutes, show them the picture cards again. With each card, have students point to its respective food on the plate. This time tasting is optional.
 If motor skills are an issue, assist in helping apply the picture to the plate.
Checking For Understanding:
 Arrange cards and plates in different order. Have student go through the cards with tape attached to them, and attach the picture cards to its matching food plate.
 Ask student to recall experience. Ask if student remembers what we did with the popcorn. Let them explain how much fun it was watching popcorn popping, and making peanut butter sandwiches and pouring pop etc.
 Record retrieval of learning experience.
Teacher Reflections:
 Was the hands-on approach helpful with this lesson? Did the students find this lesson motivational? Did this lesson meet the diversification in my class? Will I do this with the other letters of the alphabet?

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