Ultimate July Series

- Make July Come To Life!
- Awesome Activties

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July Fourth Theme Sets

- Tons of Fun
- Complete Holiday Theme

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July Printable Worksheets

Ready for the fireworks to start? July is always one of the most funny months for adults and children. We travel a great deal and do more activities this month than any other all year. All the worksheets available below are directly related to the events and celebrations that take place in July.

July Monthly Worksheets

  1. A Look Back At The School Year
  2. Assorted Skills - Baseball Theme
  3. Assorted Skills - Summer Theme Workbook
  4. July Lesson and Worksheet Series
  5. July Monthly Helper Workbook
  6. Letters and Sounds
  7. Looking Forward To Summer?
  8. Parts Of Speech
  9. Phonics
  10. Spelling
  11. Summer Season Lesson and Worksheets Series
  12. Synonyms
  13. Vocabulary
  14. Vocabulary Series For K-12

American Independence Day - July 4

  1. Adjectives Worksheet
  2. Famous Explorers Columbus & Magellan
  3. July 4th Theme Skills Workbook
  4. July Fourth Theme Workbook
  5. State Word Search
  6. Stereotypes and Prejudices
  7. The Pledge Of Allegiance
  8. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  9. Vocabulary Quiz
  10. Why Are You Proud To Be An American?
  11. Word Chop
  12. Word Search Worksheet

Summer Printables

- Kids Love It!
- Writing Practice

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July Worksheet Series

- Great Skill Builders
- One For Each Day

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Author Week - 2nd Week of July

  1. Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell and Ayn Rand
  2. Great Authors Crossword Puzzle
  3. Group Creative Writing Activity
  4. Great Authors Multiple Choice Quiz Version 1
  5. Great Authors Spiral Puzzle
  6. Great Authors Vocabulary Quiz
  7. Great Authors Vocabulary Words and Definitions
  8. Great Authors Biographical Data Form
  9. J.D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut and James Joyce
  10. Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf Lesson Set
  11. William Shakespeare and William Faulkner
  12. Great Authors Word Search

Patent Day- July 31st

  1. Bank On It!
  2. Cryptogram
  3. Do The Research!
  4. Famous Inventors: Bell & Edison Worksheets
  5. Famous Inventors: Biro, Ginsburg, & Whitney
  6. Famous Inventors: Benjamin Franklin & Ford
  7. Inventors: Gutenberg, Morse & Wright Bros.
  8. I Can Live Without It!
  9. If I Were A.... ?
  10. Invention Timeline
  11. Inventor Biography Worksheet
  12. Vocabulary Quiz
Women History

10 Influential Women Who Changed History

- Skill Builders
- Humanitarians

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Five Minute Lessons

Only 5 Minutes Left Lessons

- Make It Easy!
- Teacher Lifesavers

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Amelia Earhart Day - July 24th

  1. 10 Influential Women Who Changed History
  2. Amelia Earhart and Clara Barton
  3. Billie Jean King, Helen Hayes, and Rosa Parks
  4. Eleanor Roosevelt and Susan B. Anthony
  5. Sandra O'Connor, McClintock, & Hillary Clinton
  6. Voting: Registering and Why It's Important
  7. Women's History Crossword Puzzle
  8. Women's History Spiral Puzzle
  9. Women's History Vocabulary Words
  10. Women's History Worksheets

Better Grammar Month

  1. Adjective Worksheets
  2. Mad Libs Worksheets
  3. March Worksheet Collection
  4. Noun Worksheets
  5. Part of Speech & Grammar Worksheets Video
  6. Parts Of Speech Workbook Collection
  7. Prefix Worksheets
  8. Sequencing Worksheets
  9. Verb Worksheets

International Relations Month

  1. Africa Worksheets
  2. American Presidents Worksheets
  3. Canada Worksheets
  4. China Worksheets
  5. Critical Issues Facing Africa
  6. Great World Leaders Worksheets
  7. Japan Worksheets
  8. Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Alexander the Great
  9. Mohandas Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth I, & Isabella
  10. Mao Zedong and Tokugawa Ieyasu Lesson Set
  11. Montezuma and Shaka Zulu Lesson Set
  12. The People of China

Strengthen Reading Month

  1. Beginning Level, Volume 2 - Animals
  2. Elementary Going On A Picnic
  3. Firefighters
  4. High School Level Reading Comprehension
  5. K-12 Reading Rubric Collection
  6. K- 12 Reading & Writing Lesson Guide
  7. K-12 Reading Comprehension Collection
  8. Middle School Level Reading Comprehension
  9. My Rocket Ship
  10. New York
  11. The Hottest Day Ever
  12. The Play

World Leaders Series

- Explores the Challenges
- Awesome Printables

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Ultimate Reading Series

- 1,500+ Worksheets
- You Can't Beat It!

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