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Women's History Vocabulary

Words Definitions
1. antiquated Too old to be useful, fashionable or suitable
2. brusque Harsh ungracious manner of speaking
3. collaboration The action of working with someone to produce or create something
4. compassion Feeling bad for someone else
5. citizenship The status of a citizen with rights and duties
6. civics The study of the duties and rights of citizens
7. destitute Not having the basics that are needed to survive
8. equality The state of being equal in some or all aspects
9. humanitarian A person who seeks to promote human welfare
10. impoverished Exhaust the strength or fertility of something so that it is in poor condition
11. preservation The act of saving or keep something
12. ratified To give formal consent by signing
13. segregate Set apart from the rest or from one another
14. suffrage The absolute right to vote in political elections
15. tolerance The capacity to endure continued subjection to something


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