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The world's second largest continent consists of fifty-four countries. Africa is home to just over an estimated billion people that speak an estimated two-thousand different spoken languages. You'll find a great deal of helpful printables and worksheets below.

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The Continent of Africa

Ernest Hemingway once said, "When you leave Africa, as the plane lifts, you feel that more than leaving a continent, you're leaving a state of mind. Whatever awaits you at the other end of your journey will be of a different order of existence."

It is the second-largest continent in the world after Asia. It takes up about one-fifth of the total land on Earth and is home to more than 50 countries. It has the Atlantic Ocean to its west and the Indian Ocean to its southeast. Africa has the most diverse places and the most striking wildlife and nature on Earth.

The Natural Environment

The whole continent is divided into two regions. The northwest region includes the Sahara Desert, and the southeast has highlands stretching from Ethiopia to Tanzania. Madagascar is the largest island country in the continent, the others being Comoros, Mauritius, Cape Verde, and Seychelles. Africa has several different environments, ranging from the mountain, hot deserts, coastal areas, forests, and savanna grasslands.

Great Civilizations

For most of its history, Africa had been ruled by European countries. Later those regions became independent, but some suffered significant instability due to poverty and poor leadership.

The land of country has seen some of the most influential civilizations and kingdoms in the past.

1. Ancient Egypt: It was the first great civilization of Africa and was built around The River Nile

2. The Kingdom of Kush was a great power in region for over a thousand years.

3. Aksum: The kingdom of Aksum was located in Ethiopia, and it was the first in Africa to adopt Christianity


It is believed that humans have inhabited the continent for almost 4 million years, which is considered the birthplace of all humans. Africa has a diverse range of cultures. It's a big land with a population larger than 1 billion. This is why the people throughout the country have different cultures and religions. Their physical characteristics are highly varied, from short to extremely tall people, blonde and brunettes, people with gray, brown, or blue eyes, or straight or very curly hair.

The people of Africa are a mixture of Arabs and indigenous people. They have influenced European culture as well. Because of the influence of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa's old civilizations, many different languages are spoken in area.

Africans live in different societies, grouped as those who hunt, herd cattle, live in urban areas, etc. People of different tribes mingle with each other due to intermarriage, attending school, working, etc. So it is sometimes difficult to determine which society they belong to. This also makes them better interact and identify with other groups, which is remarkable in a continent with so many diverse cultures.


Islam, Christianity, and other African traditional religions are widely practiced in Africa. The African traditional religions are different in every society, but they all believe in one supreme creator or "god" and several lesser spirits or "lesser gods" that speak to them through their ancestors.

Christianity arrived in Africa in the 2nd century AD, and more than 40% of the African population is Christian. By the mid-seventh century, Islam had spread in the region, and today there are more than 400 million Muslims in the region. Only 8% or about 100 million people in Africa follow the traditional religions.


This country has a diverse landscape, from mountains to grasslands, forests, and jungles. Some of the most amazing animals in the world are native to Africa.

- Herbivores like giraffe, African antelope, zebra, hippopotamus, African elephant, and rhinoceros

- Carnivores, like leopard, lion, hyena, cheetah, fox, wildcat, and weasel

- They have several species of old monkeys, and chimpanzees and gorillas are also native to Africa.

- Marine mammals like South African seals and, whales, dolphins are also found in African waters.

- Africa exhibits a beautiful birdlife. Gray parrots, kori bustard, the blue crane, toucans, all these birds are native to Africa.


Festivals in Africa are a magical experience. With thousands of ethnic groups, Africa hosts some of the world's wildest and most exotic festivals.

- Maitisong Festival: It is celebrated in Botswana with music and dance performance. It is a nine-day celebration, and the whole city takes it to the streets to enjoy the carnival and inspire new artists.

- Hermanus Whale Festival: Inspired by the story of Wendy the Whale, it is a celebration of whales' return to South Africa's coastal waters. People celebrate by whale watching, live parades, food festivals, and much more.

- Zanzibar Festival of the Dhow Countries: It is the largest cultural event in Africa, and it brings together art and culture from Africa, Pakistan, India, Gulf states, and Iran.

Tourist attractions

- Cape Town: It's a very important city historically. Cape Town is a beautiful city filled with mountains and cliffs that rise from the water, beaches, wine lands, forests, and so much more

- Mount Kilimanjaro: It is the tallest mountain in Africa and a dormant volcano as well. It has three volcanic cones that have erupted three times in the past.

- Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world and is a sight of breathtaking beauty. It is also known as The Smoke That Thunders.

- Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta in the world, and one can have a fantastic wildlife experience there. Crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, and other animals can be seen there.

5 fun facts about Africa

- There are more than 50 countries in Africa

- River Nile is the longest river in the world

- More than 1500 languages are spoken in Africa

- Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, and more than 70% of cocoa beans are made in Africa.

- The common ostrich, found in Africa, is the largest bird in the world.

Given the area that Africa covers, it is no wonder it is an amalgam of diverse peoples, cultures, landscapes and animal life. It houses some of the beautiful sights to behold and attracts many tourists annually.