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Africa Vocabulary Quiz Answer Key

Directions: Match the vocabulary words to the definition given in each problem.

1. A disease that weakens the immune system, formally known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, this is the final stage of HIV
2. Showing or having a willingness to act in a dishonest manner in return for personal gain
C) corrupt 
3. The process by which once fertile land becomes desert. This is usually because of drought, poor agriculture, or deforestation
A) desertification
4. A prolonged period of abnormally low amounts of precipitation
A) drought
5. An infectious disease that is widespread in a community at a particular time
B) epidemic
6. A shortage or extreme scarcity of food
D) famine  
7. A large open area that is covered with grass that is often used by wild or domestic animals for grazing.
A) grasslands
8. A retrovirus that causes AIDS, the full name is Human Immunodeficiency Virus
9. Lack of proper nutrition, this can include low amounts of food, vitamins, or particular minerals
A) malnutrition 
10. Being extremely poor, destitute, or having an insufficient amount
D) poverty  
11. Someone who has been forced to leave an area, usually a country in order to be safe from natural disaster, war, or persecution
B) refugee
12. A grassy plain in tropical or subtropical regions that has few trees, but can support wildlife
B) savannah

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