Printable World Leaders Worksheets

There is always a huge debate when it comes to the world's greatest leaders of all time. The common names that surface are Lincoln, Churchill, Lenin, Cleopatra, Caesar, and Ghandi. Their impact is timeless towards the progression of humanity. Below you will find printable worksheets that examine the various leaders of the world throughout history.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. World Leaders Crossword Puzzle
  3. Crossword Puzzle Answers
  4. World Leaders Analysis Writing - Pick any of the two world leaders below and describe how their work complemented one another.
  5. World Leaders Multiple Choice Quiz Ver. 1
  6. World Leaders Multiple Choice Quiz Ver. 2
  7. Multiple Choice Quiz Answers
  8. World Leaders Spiral Puzzle
  9. Spiral Puzzle Answers
  10. Leaders Who Were Noteworthy - Tell what each of the following leaders are noted for.
  11. VENN Diagram: Comparing Great Leaders
  12. World Leaders List Quiz
  13. World Leaders
  14. World Leaders Biographical Data Form - Pick a person who lead there people through a difficult change to benefit the population. Write a short biography about her life using the following guidelines.
  15. Word Scramble
  16. Word Scramble Answers
  17. World Leaders Word Search

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Who Were the Greatest Leaders Of All Time?

Since the beginning of time, there have been people who have made a significant impact on our world. From controversial leaders to visionaries, several personalities have changed lives with their flair and stature. Most of these individuals are now known as the greatest leaders of all time because of their instrumental contributions to different fields.

All great leaders came from different parts of the world and emerged in different time periods. Read on and learn about these leaders who still hold prominence worldwide. These are the ones people often cite as examples when discussing leadership.

Alexander the Great

Alexander III of Macedon is one of history's most prominent conquerors and military leaders. He is known as the man who conquered the world. During his 13-year reign as king of Macedonia, he managed to stretch his empire from Greece to India. One of his greatest achievements was uniting the various Greek city-states.

The brilliant and ruthless military leader remained undefeated in combat for 15 years until he died in 323 BC because of malaria. To this day, Alexander the Great is known for his military skills and global influence. His tactic and leadership style are studied in military academies to this day.

Winston Churchill

Known as the voice of democracy, Churchill was the driving force governing Britain's victory over the Nazis. In his earlier days, he used to be a writer and even went on to serve the British army until finally getting involved in politics in 1900.

He became the prime minister of Britain in 1940, during World War II. His patriotic devotion, perseverance, and determination inspired the people of Britain to battle forward and emerged victorious with the Allies' assistance. His inspiring personality and ability to stand tall in the face of adversity led him to serve as the British prime minister twice.

Besides politics, Churchill had a unique inclination towards Arts. He loved to write and paint and even went on to win a Nobel Prize in Literature.

Julius Caesar

A Roman military commander and politician, Gaius Julius Caesar, turned the Roman republic into the mighty Roman Empire. He expanded the empire by bringing in Gaul, now known as France, under his rule.

He was a self-proclaimed dictator who gave citizenship to residents of remote territories of the empire. He even launched various land reforms in an attempt to bring change under his rule.

Caesar was a sharp-witted and decisive leader, which led him to garner a loyal following. Even long after his death, he was used as an example of leadership, so much so that Shakespeare developed an entire play romanticizing the life of Julius Caser.


She was the last ruler of Egypt's infamous Ptolemaic Empire and the 7th queen of the Greek Macedonian dynasty.

Cleopatra was an intelligent, powerful, and strong-willed woman whose thirst for power and glory made her one of the most influential leaders of all time.

It is said that she was a beautiful and charming woman who won the heart of two of the most influential men of her time, Marcos Antioleus and Julius Caesar. She was a clever and well-educated woman who served as a dominant ruler.

George Washington

The first US president is certainly among history's greatest leaders. After winning the Revolutionary War for the colonies, George Washington was unanimously chosen by his people to serve as the nation's first president.

Even though Washington fought fiercely for the independence of the United States, he had a number of enslaved Black people during his lifetime. However, upon his and his wife's deaths, he freed many of them.

America has been transformed by his vision, making it the superpower it is today. His steadfastness, tenacity, and decision-making skills elevated him to the status of a great leader. The significance of his legacy is that he was the only nonpartisan politician in US history.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a visionary, an anti-apartheid activist, and a philanthropist, who epitomized greatness. He is known as one of the greatest men in history, mostly because of his Anti-Apartheid movement and his brave fight against racial discrimination.

Even when Mandela was sentenced to a long prison sentence, he continued to fight for the right of black people. He went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize for ending apartheid in his country, South Africa, soon after which he became its president.

People around the world still talk about his dedication, commitment, and conviction. He is one of the most prominent figures in black history who paved a path for many anti-racism movements.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a courageous leader of several uprisings aiming at liberating India, was born into an average Indian family in Gujrat.

He battled silently and with ahinsa, or peacefulness, in mind. He felt that the truth, and only the truth, would triumph, and because of this mindset, he could free his people. He and his followers showed resistance to the British reign by boycotting foreign goods or initiating Civil disobedience movements.

His philosophy about peace and his devotion towards his people made him a great leader. To this day, he is used as a role model of peace and perseverance.

Wrapping Up

So here we have it, the greatest leaders of all time who successfully marked their place in history with the notable work they did. These people are synonymous with influence, power, and leadership.

Although they practiced and preached different leadership styles, what they did and how they led their people is still emulated by several world leaders today.