Printable World Leaders Worksheets

There is always a huge debate when it comes to the world's greatest leaders of all time. The common names that surface are Lincoln, Churchill, Lenin, Cleopatra, Caesar, and Ghandi. Their impact is timeless towards the progression of humanity. Below you will find printable worksheets that examine the various leaders of the world throughout history.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. World Leaders Crossword Puzzle
  3. Crossword Puzzle Answers
  4. World Leaders Analysis Writing - Pick any of the two world leaders below and describe how their work complemented one another.
  5. World Leaders Multiple Choice Quiz Ver. 1
  6. World Leaders Multiple Choice Quiz Ver. 2
  7. Multiple Choice Quiz Answers
  8. World Leaders Spiral Puzzle
  9. Spiral Puzzle Answers
  10. Leaders Who Were Noteworthy - Tell what each of the following leaders are noted for.
  11. VENN Diagram: Comparing Great Leaders
  12. World Leaders List Quiz
  13. World Leaders
  14. World Leaders Biographical Data Form - Pick a person who lead there people through a difficult change to benefit the population. Write a short biography about her life using the following guidelines.
  15. Word Scramble
  16. Word Scramble Answers
  17. World Leaders Word Search

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