Social Studies Web Quests 51 to 100

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  • India-Pakistan Conflict
  • New Years Webquest - It's party time! Our class will have a New Year's celebration to learn about the cultural and religious differences and similarities between ourselves and other diverse cultures.
  • Normal Rockwell - Students will write a one page paper on the artist including the analysis of the paintings of the artists. They must include a copy of one of the paintings as well.
  • My Community - Community is the places, people, and activities in a location. You will learn about hour own community in this project.
  1. Personal Budget - Essentially, you will be required to set up a monthly budget. You will be required to write your budget on a provided worksheet, and get your information off the Internet.
  2. Personal Budgeting - Today, you will be put with a partner (i.e. spouse) or will work alone. Then you will discover the occupation that best fits your personal strengths and interests.
  3. Precolumbian Cultures - You are interested in the ancient cultures of Latin America prior to the conquest of Spain. You will travel to different countries and pick one ancient culture to focus on. Later, you will share the information to your class.
  4. President Search - It's your turn to find out what's so special about our presidents.
  5. Religions of the Middle East - What are the basic beliefs of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity?
  6. Remembrance Day - Using Google you are to research Remembrance Day during your ICT lessons in order to produce an assignment using Word.
  7. Renaissance - Working in groups of three, you will create an eight slide PowerPoint presentation. The research for this assignment will be strictly web based.
  8. Revolution Newspapers - You are about to embark upon a journey through time. You will be traveling back in time to the 1770s. The new nation is at war with England.
  9. Separate but Equal - Plessy Vs Ferguson was a landmark United States Supreme Court decision in the jurisprudence of the United States, upholding the constitutionality of state laws requiring racial segregation in private businesses (particularly railroads), under the doctrine of "separate but equal".
  10. Seven Wonders - What are the Seven Wonders of your World?
  11. Social Communications - Social communication includes everything from face-to-face meetings to Web conferences and Facebook. Has the relaxed atmosphere impacted the way businesses communicate?
  12. Social Security - Have you ever wondered what that silly thing called Social Security is? Maybe an adult told you that you may not have it when your older or it will look very different.
  13. Stalin's Five Year Plans - How Successful were Stalin's Five Year Plans?
  14. State Brochure - You are businessmen and businesswomen! You advertising for one of the 50 states.
  15. State Project - Imagine you want your parents to take you to visit a state of your choice. What information would you tell your parents about the state in order to convince them to take a trip to that state?
  16. Structure of Government - The purpose of this lesson is to learn the different branches of government, and what each branch does.
  17. Teach-In 1960s Culture - We are going to investigate different aspects of the this era and explain why it was such a time of change and rebellion.
  18. Thanksgiving - What were some of the differences from the 1st Thanksgiving to today?
  19. The 1950s - Your task is to set up a drive-in theater. Select the movies you will show, the music you will play before it starts, products you will have at your concession stand and the cars that will be parked in front of the screen.
  20. The American Dream - Your job is to find out as much information as you can about the 1950�s and report back to your generation before time is lost and the decade of the 1950�s has been forgotten.
  21. The American Revolution - Imagine that you and your team have traveled back in time to the era of the American Revolution.
  22. The Civil Rights Movement - Imagine you are a students who have traveled back in time to the era of the Civil Rights Movement. Give an account of what it is like to live during this time.
  23. The Dust Bowl - Have you ever heard of the "Dust Bowl" or a "Black Blizzard"? You will take a journey into Oklahoma history.
  24. The History of Mardi Gras - Create a timeline of how Madri Gras came to be the celebration it is today.
  25. The Roaring 20s - Each group is going to create a publication comprised of all of the writings that have been completed. The publication can be organized in any fashion.
  26. The Teenager's Experience - Students will describe the social, political, and cultural issues facing the average American teenager during the Vietnam Conflict.
  27. Thirteen Colonies - You are a teenage English citizen living outside London in the 1620's. Your local area has become very crowded. One day at school, you overhear some adults talking about new possibilities and new beginnings in the recently established thirteen colonies.
  28. Tobacco - The students will research tobacco products and come up with a spread sheet of how much an average adult would spend if he used 1 tobacco product a day
  29. Trip Around the World - Did you ever want to go someplace far away? Well, get ready because our class is going to take a �Trip Around the World.� Each of you (working in partners) will be traveling very soon, actually within the next two weeks.
  30. US in Korea - Individually you will conduct a search of the Internet to determine the major actions, ideas, and politics surrounding the eventual arrival of the American military in Southeast Asia and what the outcome of the Korea War meant to the future of the United States and its strength as a world power.
  31. Vietnam - The publisher of Angel Child, Dragon Child needs your help. Many teachers have been asking for posters about Vietnam to help their students learn about this country.
  32. Tribal Music - How was ancient music used? Each student will pick a region to research; we'll learn about music from around the world.
  33. William vs. Bloom - What are the similarities and differences between Bloom's and William's Taxonomy?
  34. Word Processors - The first application you were taught in high school computing is word-processing. And once again in this CSEC course we will revisit word-processing.
  35. World Powers - You will be creating a chart of the major religions. Since religion is a basis of human culture, you will need material for basic information about Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
  36. World Religions - This site is intended to be a home base for all of our Geography activities. Think of the site as your electronic field assignment notebook.
  37. Your State - You will each be creating a map of your own state. It will be your responsibility to decide on its name and to decide which landforms and bodies of water you want the state to have.