Home Economics Lesson Plans

Craft Recipes

Health Lesson Plans

  1. Banking - How to open checking accounts, apply for debit cards, and perform the operations involved in having a checking account and pertinent bank documents.
  2. Basic Safety - Explain safety hazards on job sites.
  3. Balancing Act - An introduction to double entry bookkeeping.
  4. Bonding Through Infant Massage - To practice infant massage techniques using a baby doll to gain hands-on experience.
  5. Cat Breeds - We will be going over breed names, sizes, traits, and other characteristics that pertain to each breed.
  6. Families Overcoming Obstacles - Help students have a better understanding about overcoming family obstacles.
  7. Filling and Decorating Cupcakes - Students will be instructed to take a piece of paper and divide it into three sections and told to write down descriptive words for each of three sections of the skit.
  8. Healthy Food And You - Students will determine how eating properly affects their looks, health, and daily lives in general.
  9. Healthy Foods - They will be able to make sensible food choices that will enhance their well being overall.
  10. Holiday Party - Students will utilize previously taught skills and knowledge to correctly prepare food items for the party.
  11. Nutritious Meals and snacks - Given a recipe and necessary kitchen tools and utensils the learner will prepare a variety of flavored applesauce.
  12. PB & J - The tools, steps and sequence to successfully make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  13. Play with your food: Selecting Your - Successfully deliver oral and written presentation based off of cohesive research component.
  14. Play with your food-Introduction - Students will be introduced to the idea of food being an expression of art and cultural identity.
  15. Preclinical Dental Hygiene - Demonstrate basic dental hygiene instrumentation techniques.
  16. Quick Bread Basics - Students will understand and explain the functions of all ingredients used to prepare quick breads.
  17. Reading a Menu - Be able to read, understand, and interpret a restaurant menu.
  18. Recipe Conversion and Cost - Students will be able to covert the recipe to yield 20 dozen cookies with 100% accuracy.
  19. Restaurant - To encourage the students to speak fluently and get used to the vocab in a practical situation.
  20. The Basics of Event Planning - In this lesson, we will first briefly cover the basic questions that need to be answered prior to planning an event or party.
  21. The Infant: Motor Development - Learn how quickly an infant's size and body proportions change.
  22. Yeast Breads - For students to understand the characteristics of quality yeast products to plan a variety of menu accompaniments.