Lesson Plan : Reading a Menu

Teacher Name:
 K Jones
 Grade 9-10

 Eating Out. Types of Restaurants Menu Terms Reading a Menu
 Menu Terms Reading a Menu Ordering Paying the Bill & Tipping
 Understand the 5 different restaurants types Understand Menu terms Be able to read, understand, and interpret a restaurant menu.
 Students will identify and define descriptive terms found on restaurant menus in order to make informed choices when eating out. Students will use a restaurant menu in order to practice finding information when ordering. Students will practice ordering and calculating the bill by simulating a restaurant dining experience. Students will list and categorize a variety of restaurants in order to identify different types of restaurants. Students will read and interpret a restaurant menu in order to make informed menu choices.
 Restaurant Menus--1 per student Worksheet--Reading a Menu Worksheet--Ordering & Paying the Bill Restaurant menus--1 per student Worksheet--Types of Restaurants Reading a Menu Overheads for each restaurant type. Overhead markers.
 Drill: List 5 of your favorite restaurants and identify your favorite meal/food at each restaurant. Discuss drill with class. Allow students to volunteer answers. Drill: List your 5 of your favorite restaurants. What do these restaurants have in common? Pizza Hut Taco Bell Subway Discuss first drill with class. Have students share their favorite restaurants. Show students other drill questions,have students generate ideas with others at their table. Discuss what each set of restaurants have in common. What do these restaurants have in common? McDonald's Burger King Wendy's
 Review menu terms previously completed. Discuss terms that describe more and less healthy foods. List the 5 restaurant types. Give students Types of Restaunts worksheet and have them fill in the characteristics of each restaurant as they are discussed, using an overhead.
 Give each student a menu from The Elephant Bar Restaurant. --have students use the menu to complete the worksheet, Reading a Menu. Review the worksheet with students, discussing what types of information they found and where on the menu they found the information. Discuss the process of ordering and paying a restaurant bill. --making healthy choices --item costs --tipping Discuss the custom of tipping restaurant servers and the process of figuring out how much to tip. Assign one type of restaurant to each table. --have each table generate examples of their restaurant type and the pros and cons of that type of restaurant --one member should write the examples and pros and cons of the type of restaurant on a blank overhead --each table will share the information on their assigned restaurant type and share with class --students will fill in the rest of the Types of Restaurants organizer as each table presents
 Provide completed or partially completed organizer for types of restaurants for identified students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Discuss the experience with the class. Was it difficult to budget the money? Did they have to make different choices than they normally would have? Each group will share their bill total.
 Discuss essential questions with the class. The students will take four to five questions to take to the establishment that they visit. They will need to identify different types of food.
 Students will undergo a mock up restaurant visit. They must order, work in a budget and evaluate all criteria of the food service.
Teacher Reflections:
 I would have students ponder the question, "How can you tell if an item on a menu is more or less healthy? Give an example."

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