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  • Americans Then and Now - In this lesson, students will examine the differences between the lives of Americans today and fifty years ago. They will look for changes in our lifestyle that have impacted our health.
  • Bag Story - This is a good activity to do in the beginning of the year. Students have an opportunity to tell about themselves in a fun and different way.
  • Bike Safety - In this lesson, students plan an obstacle course where people can practice bike safety rules.
  • Cross Contamination of Food - It is important for students to know how to be safe when they are cooking. In this lesson students will review what they know about cross contamination and ways they can help prevent it.
  1. Debunking the Advertising - Students are bombarded with images of 'perfect' people all the time. This lesson helps them assess what message is being sent when magazines use Photoshop and airbrushing to alter photos.
  2. Dem Bones - All the bones in our body have unique characteristics. In this lesson, students will identify those characteristics while they are building a paper skeleton.
  3. Eggs and Tooth Enamel - This experiment is about what decay can do to your tooth enamel. Students get a first-hand look at what happens when plaque builds up on their teeth.
  4. Emergency Central Nervous System - In this lesson, students will get up out of their chairs and demonstrate how the central nervous system works in an emergency.
  5. First Aid Kit - The student will be able to identify the objects in a first aid kit.
  6. Healthy or Not Healthy - Students have to make choices every day about what they eat. Helping them think critically about foods is important to encouraging them to have a healthy lifestyle.
  7. A Map of My Mouth - In this lesson, students create a map of their mouth while looking in the mirror. They note how many teeth they have and which kinds.
  8. My De-Stress Plan - Students lead busy lives and as they reach young adulthood, they get busier. In this lesson, students take time to figure out what helps them relax.
  9. My Family - Families can be very diverse. In this lesson, students share what their families are like using a variety of materials.
  10. Pyramid Matching Game - In this lesson, students have to match the correct food to its place on the pyramid.
  11. Reading the Label - In this lesson, students will learn how to read a food label. They will have to find information about ingredients, calories, and nutrition.
  12. Self esteem - Students this age are often able to find many things wrong with themselves. This lesson challenges them to focus on the positive aspects of who they are.
  13. Using Our Sense of Hearing - In this lesson, students cannot see so they must use their sense of hearing to play the game.
  14. What Do You See - In this lesson, students examine the body's symmetry. They will compare pictures of people and look at how symmetrical their features are.
  15. What's in There - Healthy eating starts with awareness. In this lesson students learn how to read the ingredient label on foods.
  16. Working Out - In this lesson students will study the benefits of being physically active. They will explore what that term means to them and find at least three ways they can be active.

Other Health Lesson Plans

  1. A Pintura: Art Detective- An on-line lesson, which models learning through mystery.
  2. Healthy Choices for Kids- Provides a great deal of curriculum help for teaching about healthy lifestyles.
  3. Stay Away Tooth Decay- The students will learn about good dental hygiene. The students will talk about what is good for your teeth and what is bad.