Kindergarten to Grade 2 Early Elementary Health Lesson Plans

  • Airports - Students will be learning about personal and general space while moving in different levels.
  • Eggs and Tooth Enamel - This experiment is about what decay can do to your tooth enamel. Students get a first-hand look at what happens when plaque builds up on their teeth.
  • A Map of My Mouth - In this lesson, students create a map of their mouth while looking in the mirror. They note how many teeth they have and which kinds.
  1. Dairy & The Food Pyramid - Students will be able to identify the parts of the Food Pyramid and will know details are the dairy portion of the chart.
  2. Handwashing - The students will be able to wash hands independently. The students will understand the purpose of proper handwashing.
  3. I Can Feel My Heart Beat - Learning about how our hearts help keep us healthy.
  4. Mental Health and Stress Reduction - My main goal for this lesson is that my students will better understand the importance of being optimistic and to have a positive outlook on life.
  5. My Family - Families can be very diverse. In this lesson, students share what their families are like using a variety of materials.
  6. Popcorn just makes more sense - Working on all senses.
  7. Pyramid Matching Game - In this lesson, students have to match the correct food to its place on the pyramid.
  8. Using Our Sense of Hearing - In this lesson, students cannot see so they must use their sense of hearing to play the game.
  9. What Makes Us Grow - To help children see the importance of eating healthy and getting exercise to help them grow stronger each day.
  10. Who Are You? - The students will discuss poems about liking yourself as a class.

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