Conflict Resolution Lesson Plans

  • Are You a Peacemaker or a Man Eating Shark?- Students work on the concept of "fairness" through a group activity, discussion, and written responses with conflicts/resolutions from a short story, and then produce a page on the computer (or on paper) for a class book.
  1. Assertiveness - I aim for the children to learn to think flexibly in order to come up with an approach that fits the situation and develop skills to carry it out.
  2. Building Bridges Teaching Tool - For students to understand they have to take responsibility for their part and they have to work together in order to come to a creative and peaceful resolution.
  3. Conflict and Win Win Solutions - The first part of the lesson introduces students to the concept of conflict, helps them consider that conflict is a normal part of life and does not have to lead to violence, and asks them to consider examples of conflict in their own lives.
  4. Conflict Resolution Lesson Plan 1- To learn to identify how others might be feeling in order to encourage sensitivity.
  5. Fair is Fair- Students learn more about the concept of -fairness- by being involved in two unfair activities, role-playing three scenarios, and filling in a web about fairness.
  6. Negotiating Differences/Compromise - Teaching students to negotiate differences and engaging in compromise to resolve conflict instead of engaging in a conflict.
  7. Solving Minor Problems- The purpose of this activity is to see if students can identify four steps to use when solving minor problems with other students.