Lesson Plan : Negotiating Differences/Compromise

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 Grade 2

 Teaching students to negotiate differences and engaging in compromise to resolve conflict instead of engaging in a conflict.
 Social Skills/Conflict Resolution
 Improve conflict management skills
 Students will demonstrate awareness of the need to compromise with others.
 Cartoon depicting a bully character (Turtles, Popeye, Garfield, etc.). Video depicting students having a conflict on the playground. Premade poster on steps of compromise
 Show video depicting a bully character or students in conflict. "I brought in a cartoon for us to watch. I want you to see if you can find someone in the cartoon who always has to have his way."
 Class Discussion about the video and what is conflict and what is compromise. "Who can tell me which character had to always have his way?" "Good. Do you know anyone like that?" "Do you like to play with that person?" "Do you ever try to get that person to do what you want?" "Do they do it?"
 Role play appropriate compromise or conflict resolution. "We are going to talk about the word compromise. Have you ever heard of compromise?" "Do you know what compromise means?" Teacher writes definition of compromise on the board and reads it to class: "A compromise might happen when two people want to order a pizza but want different kinds. What could they do if one wants a sausage pizza and the other wants a pepperoni pizza?" Teacher writes process steps on chalkboard with picture cues or presents previously made poster.
Checking For Understanding:
 Classroom interactions between students
 "I want each of you to think of a time when you might use this skill and share with the class tomorrow."
 Number of office referrals for student conflict.
Teacher Reflections:

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