Decision Making Lesson Plans

  • Decision Making- This lesson plan is written for use by a teacher educator working with teacher candidates in a classroom setting that allows online materials to be viewed by large and small groups.
  1. Goal Setting And Values - Students will see the value of goal setting for nurturing their individual interests and talents.
  2. In Their Shoes: Role Playing - Students will learn to go beyond the text to find the subliminal messages or underlying meanings of the author who portrays his/her characters.
  3. Peers in Adolescence - A unit view of the topic.
  4. Prepartion for Parenthood - Students identify the factors involved in deciding whether or not to become a parent.
  5. Reflective Thinking - To enable the students to solve a problem utilizing reflective thinking.
  6. Responsible Decision-Making- Skills needed to make healthy and responsible decisions.
  7. Shame - Identify the effects of shame generally and with your own life.
  8. Strangers - Students will learn how to react when confronted with a stranger, and they will find out why strangers can sometimes be dangerous.
  9. You Can Bank on Me!- Students will use a decision-making model to decide where to donate their collected money. They will evaluate what is most important to them and list possible choices.