Lesson Plan : peers in adolescence

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 Grade 9-10
 Vocational Ed.

 peers and their influence on the teen experience
 Changing adolescent brain. Peer relationships and interrelationships. Peer Pressure. Communication.
 This is the second day of a four day mini-unit. The goal of the unit is to develop effective communication skills to use in the social situations adolescents find themselves in, be it family,peers, school or the community well as the understanding that there are physiological reasons for needing help with decisions. The standard addressed is: ADL 1.2: analyze interrelationships among family,peers, community and school as to how they influence adolescent development.
 The objectives of today's lesson are: Students will describe the impact of peers on behavior and development Students will identify positive peer characteristics Students will analyze the changes that occur in brain development and their impact on decision making
 Article: What Was He Thinking?, Prevention.com, Sarah Mahoney Current articles from about.com dealing with peer relationships Article: Teens Pine for Popularity, News Journal article, Janie Macgruder ( do now) smart board/small white boards/wipe off markers/construction paper strips/markers Design a friend H.O. Key to Communication H.O.
 The Do Now focus is on popularity. the word of the week: Allegory comes from the article. After the do now time we will discuss the article intro today's lesson that way, tieing in the work they did in the library the previous day
 Smart Board presentation: four slides from the brain change article -- discussion and notes.( in adolescent section of binder)
 Students will each be given an article ( four in total) dealing with one of the areas of peer relationships. They will read and highlight the points they feel are important, interesting, worth sharing. They will write their most interesting points on a white board. They will then be directed to find the other people in the room who have the same article and share the information they deemed important. As a work group each article will choose 3 or 4 points they agree are worth sharing and write them on sentence strips to hang on the back closet wall under friendship quote.
 Students will share the info. their group deemed imp. allowing those with limited reading comprehension/ability the opportunity to hear the information. Students are also accommodated by hearing information from 4 articles, seeing what others wrote and listening to the discussion, only having to read one of the articles themselves.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will individually complete the Design a Friend activity which involves characterization of positive friendship characteristics as well as self analysis of which they possess.
 Quick reminder of the importance of communication and the ability of our brain to trick us into doing things in the heat of the moment -- how do peers influence that? completion of exit card: keys to communication
 Students will be evaluated on : article analysis/highlighting : participation in group work :completion of friend and communication handouts
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