Lesson Plan : Goal Setting And Values

Teacher Name:
 Cindy White
 Grade 7-8

 Setting Goals
 Setting goals for yourself-Definition of Goals Value of setting goals-tied to wishes and dreams Importance of goal setting for personal well being-guide students in sorting out kinds of goals Goals and Team building-Working with a buddy to set goals
 Students will see the value of goal setting for nurturing their individual interests and talents Partnering to set goals will enhance their understanding of the power of team- community
 For students to recognize the relationship of goal setting to self esteem Students will identify similarities and differences in peer goal setting Students will understand the value of similarilarites/differences in goal setting and impact on team/community
 paint, markers, poster board, etc.
 What are goals? Have you ever set goals? Remind them they are setting goals every time they make a daily decision.- My goal is to get my homework done before I go to soccer. I will spend only .50 today instead of $1.oo so I will have extra at the end of the week.
 Connect wishes and dreams with goals. Goals more concrete based upon wishes and dreams. In order for something to be a goal, it has to be important to you personally. It has to be within your power to make it happen etc.
 Is your interest around School, sports, friendship, money, helping others, something else? Have them paint, draw.. their wish?
 Students will express their ideas in their own way
Checking For Understanding:
 Share ideas in group What happens when you do not reach your goal? How do you handle the disappointment?
Teacher Reflections:

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