Substance Abuse Lesson Plans

  1. Catch It- To teach students that marijuana causes a decrease in reaction time.
  2. Do You Wish You Never Started Smoking?- For students to realize that most smokers wish they had never started smoking. If this is the case, we can presume that starting to smoke is a bad decision.
  3. "Drug Abuse Brochure"- Students will be given a list of Drug Information Web sites and a blank "Drug Abuse Crossword". They are to complete the crossword by finding the answers within the various websites.
  4. Red Ribbon Week Activities - Students will be able to analyze information in the article and express an opinion based on what they have read.
  5. Tendon Damage from Steroids- To help students understand how using steroids can create problems for tendons in your body.
  6. "The Drug Dope Show"- Students work in teams using a "talk show" format to research drug types, the addiction/recovery processes, and effects of drug abuse on society, family, friends, work, school, etc