Alcohol Abuse Lesson Plans

  • "About Alcohol"- After students complete this section, they will be able to define key words, alcohol, depressant, intoxicated, problem drinking, alcohol dependence, withdrawal.
  1. Alcohol and Advertising- Students will identify the reasons alcohol is harmful to your body.
  2. Alcohol Ball- To teach students that alcohol use can cause blurred vision and poor coordination.
  3. Driver Education: Drinking & Driving - Explain how alcohol affects the mental & physical abilities.
  4. Drug & Alcohol Use in the Work Place- This lesson plan is aimed primarily at supervisory personnel. It's focus is on recognizing the signs of a worker's substance abuse problem. Word format.
  5. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- To teach students that pregnant women absolutely should not drink alcohol.
  6. Life in the 20's - WW 2 - The students goals are to figure out how they would live if they were facing the great depression and WW2.
  7. "Targets"- Groups of students will compose a collage of alcohol ads and caption them according to what they believe the "real message" is. They will explain their collage and caption rationale to the class.
  8. Tongue Talk- To teach students that alcohol causes slurred speech.