Lesson Plan : Life in the 20's-WW2

Teacher Name:
 Allison Paul
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 The lessons are on what life might have been like in the roaring 20's, through The Great Depression, and in WW2.
 The students are learning and researching what life would have been like form them if they were living in the Roaring 20's, the Great Depression, and WW2. They will learn key outcomes like how people had to get jobs and had to find new ways to provide for their families. They will learn about what WW2 was really about and what it was probably like to be involved.
 The students goals are to figure out how they would live if they were facing the great depression and WW2. Also, they will learn about what had happened during the roaring 20's like prohibition. The outcome will hopefully be that the students will have a better understanding about what life would have been like.
 The students will make a chart/diagram that will tell some information about the topic. They can choose any issue within the topic. For example, a group can choose to do their chart/diagram on weapons that were used during WW2 or they can choose to show what kind of medicine or procedure was used for the sick,and wounded soldiers, or what kind of medicines and procedures were used during the great depression when people could not afford anything. Then they must write a report about one of the three topics. Then they will perform a little skit that they will make up on their own about the topic they pick. Two guest speakers will be coming to visit and the students must ask three questions and then write a 2 paragraph paper on the questions and the answers.
 The students can use the internet. We will watch a movie on each event and they can take notes, but mostly we will be using computers to look up information and to print pictures if they need them or whatever the student needs from the computer.
 The students should understand the importance of their past. The roaring 20's was a big part in American history because that was when a new generation came to be. Women were dressing different and cutting their hair, becoming more independent. Prohibition had hit during the 20's were Alcohol was banned from bars and other social gatherings. The Great Depression was a big issue in the American history. Everybody had lost their jobs and lifestyles. The economy failed. People were starving and dying from illnesses because people could not afford the medicine. WW2 was another big event in the American history. The soldiers fought hard for our freedom. The students need to know the importance of the 1920's-1945.
 The students will be in their groups that they were assigned to in the beginning of the year. Each group will pick a time and event and one maybe two hours of each school day we will work on the projects under my supervision. Also, when the students go to the library they will be monitored by the library staff and myself.
 If any student needed extra help I would help them through the class and I would show them a better way than what I had showed the rest of the class. I would offer after-school tutoring. I would send a note to the parents asking to go visit the class website and view the assignment and tutorials that I would put up there.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students would keep journals and each day they would write about working in the group, and about what got accomplished in the project. At the end of the day the students will give me their journals and I will read them and check them off. I will also record everything they did on their project for that day. That way I know they are comprehending and learning more about their topic and project.
 At the end of the time period for working on the projects I will ask each group a question that deals with their topic and project. Then they will write in their journals and I will collect their journals at the end of the day.
 At the end of each day I will check their projects and daily folders. I will grade their journal entry and check their homework from the night before. If I notice a student starting to have problems within his group or project then I will evaluate the situation and hope to give insight and help to the student.
Teacher Reflections:
 I think this lesson was a wonderful lesson. The students seemed to enjoy it and they had lots of fun with the projects and group activities. They also learned about the American history and learned about freedom and independence. Its a great lesson.

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