Fraction Lesson Plans

  1. But That's Not FAIR! - Students solve problems using fractions through hands-on activities and appropriate literature.
  2. Candy Fractions - Candy Fractions is quite the treat for Fraction Fridays. Families donate bags of seasonal treats that the class estimates, counts, sorts on tree diagrams, names, and then graphs.
  3. Colorful Solutions - Fractions? Who needs them? Students complete a coloring activity and practice where like fractions are actually used in real-life situations.
  4. Comparing and Ordering Fractions - Students are introduced to the comparison of fractions and the ordering of fractions.
  5. Compare and Order Fraction and Decimal Equivalence - Students will be able to order fractions and decimals and also order them on a number line.
  6. Cuisenaire Chefs - Students become Cuisenaire Chefs as they mix and toss Cuisenaire rods to recreate recipes. This hands-on activity gives students a chance to identify the value of fractions at an introductory level.
  7. Cutting Up in Class, Fractal Style - Students create three-dimensional models demonstrating exponents, multiplying/dividing of fractions, and the use of repeating patterns in tessellations, mirror images, and tiling.
  8. Eat Your Fractions- Finding halves fourths eighths.
  9. Equal Parts - Be able to: understand number concepts; identify and write fractions to name equal parts of regions; engage in partner discussion and whole class sharing.
  10. Equivalent Fractions- Students will be able to recognize fractions of equal value and that name the same amount.
  11. EZ Fractions- By performing this activity, students will become familiar with fractions, and have a meaningful experience to relate them to. It is hoped that students will become more comfortable with using fractions and have a better understanding of them.
  12. Felt Fraction Common Denominators- Use of felt fraction shapes to demonstrate the concept of common denominators.
  13. Fantastic Fraction Fudge - Students sequence a recipe and convert the ingredients into various fractional portions.
  14. Fantastic Fractions - Do you have only a fraction of time to teach fractions? Well, here is the lesson for you! Fantastic Fractions teaches students the difference between 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4.
  15. Folded Fractions - Students use various geometric shapes to represent fractional parts.
  16. Fraction Action - Students create fractions using strips of paper and then compare the fractions.
  17. Fraction and Decimal Garden - Students write fractions and decimals using unifix cube models and grid paper. They draw a garden using grid paper and label each section with the correct fraction and decimal to the tenths.
  18. Fraction Card Shark - The student will understand the relative size of fractions using symbolic and concrete representations.
  19. Fraction Feast! - This lesson introduces the concept of fractions to kindergarten students.
  20. Fraction Fun with Food- The students will be able to identify concepts of fractions by using M & M's and pizza shapes to create their own fraction.
  21. Fraction Sandwiches- Students will be able to find the common unit of measure, or the common denominator, and will show this be correctly adding fractions with different denominators.
  22. Fraction Worksheets- TeAchnology worksheets.
  23. Fractional Parts - By performing this activity, students will become familiar with fractions by relating them to familiar objects.
  24. Fractional Parts of a Group- Students will learn how to write fractions for parts of a group.
  25. Fractions & Line Graphs - The students will be asked to convert fraction test scores to decimals and then again to percentages.
  26. Fun ways to teach fractions- Show kids fractions can be fun and are a part of everyday life.
  27. Having Fun Working With Fractions- Model each addition and subtraction example by shading parts of each region.
  28. Identifying Equivalent Fractions - The learner will compare and order mixed numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least.
  29. Introduction to Adding Fractions - Students will be able to add fractional equations with like denominators without using pictures or fraction strips.
  30. Introduction to Fractions Using Cuisenaire Rods- Students will visually "see" and manipulate fractions with Cuisenaire Rods staircase to develop concept and fractional relationships.
  31. Introduction-Multiplying Fractions - The learner will accurately multiple fractions with fractions and fractions with whole numbers.
  32. Meet Fractions - Will be showing how to read and write fractions on a beginning level.
  33. Mixed Num/ Impr Frac/+or- unlike - The student will be able to change mixed numbers into improper fraction, complete addition or subtraction with those improper fractions, and convert the answer back into a mixed number.
  34. Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions - Students will be able to name an improper fraction and a mixed number from a picture.
  35. Percents- Rename ratios, decimals, and fractions as percents.
  36. Proper and Improper Fractions - The learner will understand and compute with rational numbers.
  37. Sales Tax- Find out what percent of sales tax is changed when purchasing merchandise or food by dividing the price by the sales tax.
  38. Shading Equivalent Fractions - Students will learn to write fractions for shaded regions on shapes.
  39. Simplifying Fractions at Fractionville - Find out if there is a common multiple between the numerator and the denominator.
  40. Teaching fractions & ratios with M&Ms- I taught this lesson shortly after Halloween, so I began by asking students what they usually do with their Hallowe'en candy when they get home. I fielded responses, then told them that I used to sort my candy into piles (classifying it by types or colors or whatever).