Lesson Plan : A Re-introduction To Fractions

Teacher Name:
 Mrs.Joseph & Mr.Redmond
 Grade 4

 This activity will help with a re-introduction to the concept of fractions. Students will be shown how to read and write fractions using the correct termonology. This lesson will show diagrams that represent fraction with pictures and diagrams Vocabulary: Fraction, half, numerator, denominator, equivalent, decimal, part to whole "out of", least to greatest and greatest to least.
 The overall objective is for this grade level to be able to extend beyond the basic concept of fractions. Overall goal is for student sot be able to compare and show a relation between fractions mentally. To be able to have the ability to show a fraction reprsentation more than one way.
 TAKS: Objective 1 TEKS: 4.2A,B,C
 Professor B: Fourth Grade CD, projector and lap-top, fraction flash cards, pencil and paper to draw rectangles and circles(pie charts)
 Students will be informed of the activity that is about to take place. I will inform the students that Professor B is a supplement that we are going to be implementing in math classes. I will also, inform the students of the basic instruction for Professor B.
 Professor B provides wonderful technology and visuals that cover modeling, explanation and demonstration.
 The monitored activity will be done within Professor B. This CD and technology equipment is a supplement that has been asked for us to use in our district. Therefore, it covers all necsssiary procedures and methods that are required to teach a lesson.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be shown fraction flash cards and will be asked to recall any given information about the fraction verbally.
 Inform students that we will be extending the lesson that was acquired today and that we will soon show the realtionship between fractions and decimals in a future lesson.
Teacher Reflections:

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