Lesson Plan : Compare and Order Fraction and Decimal Equivalence

Teacher Name:
 N.Joseph and D.Briggs
 Grade 6

 Compare and Order Fraction and Decimal Equivalence; Order on Line
 Continuations of Fractions and Decimals Vocabulary: SAME AS MONDAYS plus; number line, greater than, equal to, less than,
 Students will be able to order fractions and decimals and also order them on a number line TAKS OBJECTIVE: 1,6 TEKS: 6.1A; 6.11A; 6.11D;6.13B
 Stick notes, blank number lines, board, math notebooks
 As students enter the room they will be handed a sticky note that will have a fraction or decimal number written on it. On the board their will be a blank number line and students will come up to the board one at a time and try to place their fraction or decimal sticky note where they think it belongs on the number line. Then they will complete their daily-warm up and prepare for the days activity. Also, we will discuss their activity with the foldables and teacher will answer any questions that student may have had about the activity sheet. Student reads objective
 Teacher will ask the students what do they think is the purpose for them placing the sticking fractions and deciamls on the number line. Teacher will ask students do they think that their fractions\decimals that they placed on the number line correctly? and to Justify their answers. Students will be using vocabulary words at this time to justify their answers Teacher will ask students when can a number line be used?
 Teacher will guide the students in a classroom discussion about where number were placed on the number line.The Students will explain to the teacher about fractions or decimals that fall between 0 and 1 (what are they worth and how do you know)..Also we will discuss the numbers that are placed between 1 and 2.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will monitor students progress on the activity sheet and check for understanding on use of the number line by providing students with word problems that students will realize that a number line would be helpful in solving those problems.
 Remind students that the activity sheet need to be completed for homework; students will summarize today's activities.
Teacher Reflections:
 How useful was the number line to students? Will students be able to draw a number line on this weeks assessment?

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