Lesson Plan : Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Teacher Name:
 Miss Crusemire
 Grade 4

 Using and converting mixed numbers and improper fractions
 Students will be able to name an improper fraction and a mixed number from a picture
 Students will be able to choose what level they would like to start on. Students will behave appropriately when working independently.
 Fraction Circles Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions table worksheet (3 levels) Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions worksheet
 Each student will receive a � fraction circle. Ask students to think about what 2 ��s would equal. Have students pair up with someone and see what they have now: 2 halves. How else can you say this? Two halves equal 1 whole. Then, tell students to form groups of 3. Now, ask them how much they have: 1 �. Guide students to say this number as 3/2 (three halves). Discuss 3/2 as an improper fraction and 1 � as a mixed number.
 Teacher will model an example using fractions circles. Teacher will model determining the name for the improper fraction and mixed number.
 Mixed numbers and Improper fractions differentiated instruction activity: Ask students to think about how well they understand the concept (stress importance of being honest- no shame in not fully understanding yet). They will either an easier, average, or harder worksheet. Each worksheet has a table with a column for improper fraction, mixed number, and picture representation- numbers are different based on difficulty. Students can work on these papers with someone else who chose the same level while teacher works with those who need extra support.
 The practice portion of this lesson is differentiated instruction because students are completing worksheets based on their needs.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will complete a formative assessment at the end of the lesson focusing on mixed numbers and improper fractions.
 Teacher and students will discuss worksheets completed and formative assessment.
 Students are evaluated by the formative assessment.
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson went well! This is the first time I let the students choose what level they wanted to start on. Usually, students complete an assessment at the beginning of class and I place them in groups. I liked the idea of them choosing where they wanted to go.

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