Lesson Plan : Introduction to Adding Fractions

Teacher Name:
 Miss Carbo
 Grade 4

 Introduction to adding fractions with like denominators.
 Students will be able to add fractional equations with like denominators without using pictures or fraction strips.
 Students will be able to add fractions with like denominators.
 Fraction Strips; Fraction Strip Worksheet; Alike is Good Worksheet; The Least Sum of Fractions Game; The Greatest Sum of Fractions Game; Number Cards for game; Exploring Adding Fractions with Like Denominators Worksheet; True False Equations and Recording Sheet
 As students enter the classroom they will be given Fraction Strip Worksheet. Students will take out their fraction strips and explore the worksheet with a partner. Students will draw the picture of the equation and answer using their fraction strips. Students will then akswer the 2 questions at the botom of the worksheet about patterns they noticed when adding fractions with like denominators. Partners will be asked to share their findings with the class.
 Teacher models the first problem on the worksheet using the overhead and fraction strips. Students check their work. Teacher will continue to review the entire worksheet. Teacher will say, "I noticed a rule or pattern that some of you noticed as well when completing this worksheet. I noticed that when I am adding fractions of the same denominator, the denominator stays the same in the answer too. I think this is because I am adding the same fractional parts of a whole and not different fractional parts of a whole." Students will write down the rule in their notebooks. Teacher will then review the common mistakes that were seen as the students first explored this worksheet on their own.
 Students will complete Alike is Good worksheet. Teacher will review worksheet with the class.
 Students can choose the game they feel most comfortable playing basked on their level of understading. Students can switch games if they are too easy or hard.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will circulate the room and informally assess students through observations and jotting down notes.
 1. Class will come together and students will share strategies that worked for each game. 2. Review the "rule" for adding fractions with like denominators and why it works. 3. Ticket out of class-students will receive an index card with 3 equations to solve. Students will solve fractional equations and had in index card before they leave the room.
 1. Informal observations 2. Worksheet and games 3. Ticket out 4. Homework
Teacher Reflections:
 The lesson went great! Students really liked the idea of choosing what game they wanted to play. A few studetns realized the game tehy chose was too easy and picked a more challenging game and vice versa. Students rally gained an understanding of why the denominaotr stayes teh same in teh answer when completing these problems. By game time students were in no need of using their fraction strips or drawing pictures to find the sum.

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