Lesson Plan : Introduction-Multiplying Fractions

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Sparks & Mrs. Rice
 Grade 6

 Multiplying fractions
 Review vocabulary: numerator, denominator, improper fractions, simplest form, mixed fractions, and product.
 The learner will accurately multiple fractions with fractions and fractions with whole numbers. The learner will solve real world (word) problems by using multiplication of fractions.
 6.1.9 Compute efficiently and accurately with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. and (Developing skill) Solve one-step real-world problems involving fractions.
 Houghton Mifflin textbook pg. 128-129 Paper fraction manipulatives computers (internet activities) calculators multiplication chart
 Real world example: The class had a pizza party. 1/4 of a pizza is left. Saul will can have 1/3 of the pizza. How much of the original pizza will Saul receive? (Use fraction graphic to illustrate the problem).
 Use the introduction problem to set up the multiplication sentence 1/3 of 1/4; which is 1/3 X 1/4. Remind the students that "of" in math is a clue to multiply. Model multiplication of fractions. Step 1: multiply the numerators to find the numerator of the product. Step 2: multply the denominators to find the denominator of the product. Final Step: If necessary, reduce the product: finding simplest term or changing improper fractions to mixed fractions.
 Now practice without using real wolrd word problems. Use the following problems for practice. TEXTBOOK PG. 129 #1-8 Walk and monitor the work and answers of all students.
 The students who do not have all multiplication facts mastered will be permitted to use calculators and/or multiplication chart. WWW.visualfractions.com will also be used for visual learners.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students need to complete the online activity with 80% accuracy. All scored online activity will be printed. One on one will be provided for students scoring below 80% accuracy.
 As closure, a random group of students will be called on to complete a final set of multiplication with fraction problems. 1. 5/6 X 3/7 2. 2/5 X 7/9 3. 5/11 X 2/9 4. 1/10 X 3/13
 The teacher will check the following activities for accuracy and understanding. Online multiplication practice. Practice Activity. Today's lesson will be extended to multiplying with mixed fractions and additional real world problems.
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