Lesson Plan : Fractions & Line Graphs

Teacher Name:
 Stacey Corso
 Grade 9-10

 Math 10- Algebra- Fractions
 Understanding fractions, decimals, percent, line graph
 Standard 3: Mathematics Students will understand mathematics and become mathematically confident by communicating and reasoning mathematically, by applying mathematics in real-world settings, and by solving problems through the integrated study of number systems, geometry, algebra, data analysis, probability, and trigonometry.
 MST 3:1- Students will be able to understand, represent, and use numbers in a variety of equivalent forms (integer, fraction, decimal, percent, exponential, expanded and scientific notation)
 data/charts graph paper colored pencils calculators rulers
 The students will be asked to convert fraction test scores to decimals and then again to percentages. The percentages will be used to construct a line graph comparing the success of two mock students. The class will review the purpose of fractions and their equivalence to decimals and percentages at the start of class.
 The teacher will demonstrate the activity while "thinking-aloud". Each step will be modeled for the class. Once the demonstration is over, the students will be asked to complete the activity on thier own.
 Each student will transfer numbers to the chart and then construct their own line graph. As the students work, the teacher will float to each desk to oversee their work.
 This activity could take place over a series of two class periods, if needed, as opposed to one. The activity could be broken down to smaller activities. In addition, the lesson could be completed as a class, in small groups, in pairs, or individually.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of the lesson, each student will be asked to answer a series of comprehension questions independently. They will analyze their results and form conclusions.
 At the close of class, the class will review the activity aloud. They will review the purpose of the fractions and their relation to decimals and percentages.
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