Lesson Plan : Math Happens - Meet Fractions

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. N.Joseph
 Grade 3

 An Introduction to Fractions
 The lesson will introduce the concept of fractions to third grade. Will be showing how to read and write fractions on a beginning level. Also, this lesson will be show diagrams that represent fraction with pictures and also things and pie form. Vocabulary: parts, total, numerator, denominator, fraction bar "out of", equal amount, fraction, half
 The overall goal is for this grade level to have a very extensive understanding of what a fraction really is and what it can help represent. Also, for students to eventually be able to look at a fraction or picture and be able to show the relationship using fraction vocabulary.
 TAKS: Objective 1 and 6 TEKS: 3.2A,B,C,D 3.16A 3.15A,D
 Professor B: Third Grade CD, projector and lap-top, fraction flash cards, pencil and paper to draw rectangles and circles
 Students are already familiar with Professor B and how it is used in the classroom. Students will be told by teacher that the primary focus is on fractions
 Professor B provides wonderful technology and visuals that cover modeling, explanation and demonstration.
 The monitored activity will be done within Professor B. This CD and technology equipment is a supplement that has been asked for us to use in our district. Therefor, it covers all necessary procedure and methods that are required to teach a lesson.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be shown fraction flash cards and asked to illustrate the fraction on a piece of paper.
 Will tell students that what they have been introduce to today will be used in an upcoming hands on activity. Also, will ask students to go home and see if they can find anything that show a fractional relationship that they have not noticed before.
Teacher Reflections:

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