Lesson Plan : Adding and Subtracting of Like Fractions

Teacher Name:
 Miss Stefanczyk
 Grade 6

 Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators
 SWBAT add and subtract fractions with like denominators.
 SWBAT add and subtract fractions with like denominators. Students will complete 5 addition/subtraction problems at the end of the period on wipe board with 80% accuracy.
 pie charts with removable pieces wipe boards and markers
 Imagine that you and 2 of your friends order a large pizza to share. One friend has 2 slices. Your second friend has 3 slices. How many will YOU get to eat? In order to figure out the answer, we will have to learn how to add and subtract fractions.
 I will take out a pie chart with 8 removable pieces. I will write the fraction 8/8 on the board and link it to the pizza pie scenario. Then, I will take out first 2 slices and subtract the fraction 2/8 on the board. Then, I will remove 3 slices and subtract the fraction 3/8 on the board. I will ask the students how many slices remain, and then I will write that fraction (3/8) as the answer. I will explain that 3 out of the original 8 slices remain for me to eat! I will ask students to look at the board work and note that when we subtract fractions with the same denominators, we only subtract the numerators.
 I will pass out pie charts. I will have the students follow along with the pie charts as I solve problems on the board.
 Students who are struggling with fractions will have the denominators filled in on their worksheets.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will pass out an exit slip at the end of the period with five problems for the students to complete.
 I will ask students what they learned today, and I will prompt them to repeat the rule for adding and subtracting fractions.
 I will review the exit slips to see if students comprehended the lesson.
Teacher Reflections:

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