Lesson Plan : Adding and Subtracting Fraction Based Word Problems

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 Grade 5

 Adding and Subtracting Fractions
 Numerator, denominator, lowest common denominator, improper fraction, mixed number, simplify, and greatest common factor.
 At the end of the lesson my students will be able to evaluate thirty fraction problems (may include word problems), with a 90% passing rate.
 My objectives are to show fractions through hands on work with blocks and chocolate bars. Another objective would include my students making plans on how to better teach fractions and have them apply their lessons to the class. Sunshine State Standard (MA.A 3.2) states that; 1. Students understand and explain the effects of addition, Subtraction and multiplication on whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, including Mixed numbers, and the effects of division on whole numbers, including the inverse relationship of multiplication and division. 2. The student selects the appropriate operation to solve specific problems involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, and division of whole numbers.
 Individual sized (snack size) candy bars for the children to learn with. Each child ideally will be able to work with about two-three candy bars a day for three days, that is 6-9 candy bars for each child.
 We will learn how to add and subtract fractions on the first day. I will also give a pretest to see what levels my students are on.
 We will then deal with hands on activities to enhance learning. We will work with cubes or building blocks.
 If these plan do not help for a few children, I have a few parent volunteers that will take those children aside for more personalized assistance.
Checking For Understanding:
  I will give a short "quiz" with similar problem to the ones given to the children in class.
 If I see any major problems that the majority of the class is having, this will be when I address these issues and any questions the children have.
 My students will then have a test on adding and subtracting fractions. My students will be able to evaluate thirty fraction problems (may include word problems), with a 90% passing rate.
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