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Easter Holiday Lesson Plans

April Monthly Helpers Workbook Easter Alphabetization Workbook
April Monthly Teacher Series March Teacher Helpers
Holidays Workbook Spring Season Lesson Plans
Easter Worksheets Spring Season Teaching Theme
Easter Teaching Theme The Animals of Spring Lessons
Easter Theme Workbook What's Spring All About Series

April Lessons

April Lesson Series

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April Timesavers

April Monthly Helpers

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More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Bunny Trail- For children to practice walking, skipping, jumping, hopping, etc., while carrying an object.
  2. Design Motifs and Eggs- Visual arts lesson in egg making, by individual students, which are created by color, and motifs of design.
  3. Easter Basket Bonanza- The purpose of this activity is to teach students how to pass a soccer ball under control so they understand the force necessary to reach a target.
  4. Easter Crafts- Quality crafting ideas.
  5. Easter Crafts- Hands-on project ideas with instructions.
  6. Easter Egg Orienteering Hunt- The purpose of this event is to develop map reading skills and teamwork.
  7. EGG-Cercise Relays: Spring Fun Day- This is a fun holiday circuit training activity that promotes good sportsmanship and encourages students to challenge themselves using a variety of throwing and catching tasks.
  8. EGG-citing Egg Math
  9. Eggshell People- Students turn empty eggshells into eggshell people with grass "hair." Then they measure hair growth and write eggshell people diaries or stories.
  10. Easter Songs & Poems- About 10 poems/songs.
  11. General Rabbit Songs/Poems- Songs and poems on bunnies.
  12. Happy Easter Hunters- In this activity, the students will learn how to strike a balloon using a flat palm and volley a balloon using finger pads.
  13. Hop on down the Bunny Trail- The purpose of this activity is to build teamwork and practice locomotor skills in a fun, seasonal type activity.
  14. Lesson Plan on Easter Island- The student understands the interactions of people and the physical environment.
  15. Locomotor Easter Egg Hunt- The purpose of this activity is for students to practice basic locomotor skills and increase aerobic endurance through an Easter-themed game.
  16. Merry Easter- Merry Easter? This activity is a fun way to incorporate holiday activities with age appropriate writing skills. The students create greeting cards to special persons for a special holiday.
  17. Movin' Down the Bunny Trail- The purpose of this activity is to increase heart rate while at the same time having students work on their cooperative skills.
  18. Spring Egg Hunt- The purpose of this activity is to have students explore pathways (curved, straight, and zig-zagged).
  19. Why All the EGGS-citement About EGGS?- Eggs-ploit the egg with an eggs-plosion of across-the curriculum egg-tivities for all grades!

March Teacher Series

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What's Spring All About?

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