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Lesson Plan Title : Color Blending and Eggs

Age Range: Kindergarten through grade 2 (Primary)

Overview and Purpose: Dyeing eggs is fun for children of all ages. In this activity, children experiment with making secondary colors by dyeing hard-boiled eggs using primary colors.

Objective: The student will be able to create secondary colors by dyeing hard-boiled eggs using primary colors.


Hard boiled eggs

Egg dye

Art smocks


Have students put on art smocks for this lesson. Discuss with the class primary and secondary colors. Have the students help you create a list showing which primary colors should be mixed to make different secondary ones. Divide the class into groups and have them experiment making secondary colors by dyeing nard boiled eggs.

Wrap Up:

Remind students to be aware of salmonella when they are conducting this experiment. They should wear gloves or wash their hands immediately after they are finished. This experiment can also be completed by you as the children watch.

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