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Basic Athletic Skills for a Healthier You

Athletics is among the few subjects students always look forward to. It is that time of the day they can get to relax, enjoy and be sweaty. It is also a form of workout and exercise for some. Athletics is a part of every schools curriculum for a holistic growth and development for students. Focus in schools should not be on intelligence alone but on the overall health of each student. Though many students actually enjoy this class, there are a few people who prefer to read than to enjoy the outdoor. However you approach such class, athletics is inevitable and will always be a part of your school life. There are basic athletic skills they teach you in school for your overall physical well being and to improve your bones and muscles strength. Athletic skills are important to keeping our bodies healthy and blood circulating well distributing evenly oxygen all throughout. It also enables stress hormones at tolerable and manageable levels giving us a happy, healthy mood. Learning basic athletic skills does a lot of wonders to our bodies and here are a few basic athletic skills that we need to learn that greatly help shape our bodies and keep us from having a healthy lifestyle.

Endurance. This is especially important to learn as it enables us to withstand any strenuous situation. There are two kinds of endurance and both are equally important: cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. Cardiovascular endurance is one of the basic athletic skills you need to develop as it tests how strong your heart is and it being strong can add more years into your life. As many of us know, heart failure is among the leading causes of death world wide. This is very important to develop for proper flow and distribution of oxygen in the body as it is the organ responsible for doing so. Muscular endurance is important as well as when you do tasks that requires the use of your muscles for a long period of time, developing muscle endurance allows surviving. Your muscles must be string enough to handle such pressure.

Strength. This is another one of the basic athletic skills you need to develop to increase power and stamina. Strength allows you give more impact and power to your activity giving it more stress. This is especially important when you are playing sports like basketball. As many people believe, being tall is the key to playing efficiently on the court. Contrary to that, there are people who don't have that much height but can very well play basketball and it is thanks to their well developed strength. Torso and leg strength is the key to having a great shooting impact and allows them to run as fast as they can on court.

Agility. This is the ability to switch positions and movements in a fast time. Agility allows you to overcome your opponent if you are playing combat sports or any sports where you have to beat an opponent face to face. This skill will allow you to move fast in different directions at a safe mode. It enables you to get into the best possible positions at the moment without having to worry about injuries such as a sprained ankle, torn ligaments, and over stretched muscles. You can find many different agility drills on the internet to practice on improving your agility skills to prevent future injuries. But you have to note that agility drills should be done under a supervision of an expert as some drills can be dangerous.

Whatever sport you might want to engage in, these basic athletic skills are all important in honing your body and overall health.