Educational SoftwareEZgrades

License: Shareware ($8.65) Version 1.02
For: Mac OS X 10.2/10.3/10.4 Size: 4,060 K
Program's Home Page Publisher:

"EZgrades is software for the creation of grades charts used for classroom tests and written examinations, which are evaluated by means of a points rationing scheme. The resulting grades lists may be displayed as Bzier curves, which can be altered by control points. Charts are updated concurrently while modifying the curves. Three calculations at a time can be displayed and printed. Non linear grades distributions are marked on the printout. The settings allow adjustments to meet the requirements of most grading systems.If you're tired of spending endless hours typing in student report cards, then the Report Designer is for you. Dramatically reduce the time and effort spent composing student reports. Quickly create complete, personalized student reports with minimal effort. Included with your download is instant access to a huge learning outcome library in 8 major subject areas. Thousands of comments to choose from!"

Educational SoftwareMaster Grade

License: Demo ($39.00) Version 1.02
For: Mac OS 7.6.1+ Size: 5,000 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Maxium Developments

"This program features one step import and export from office administration systems via Master Grade's customizable plug-in architecture, comments, flexible calculations, support for custom weighting of terms, final exams, assignment categories, and more. Integrated comment editor and 160,000 word spell checker allows the creation and editing of numeric and textual comments of unlimited length, with intelligent word substitution."

Educational SoftwareGradekeeper

License: Shareware ($20.00) Version 5.2.2
For: Mac OS 8.1, OS X+ Size: 912 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Daniel Ethier

"Gradekeeper is as easy to use as your paper gradebook. You can record grades and attendance for the entire school year. You can add students, assignments, and scores to your gradebook by just clicking and typing."


Educational SoftwareClassBuilder

License: Freeware Version 1.62
For: Mac OS 8.5+ Size: 5,500 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: ClassBuilder

ClassBuilder includes a gradebook, exam creation capabilities, reports, attendance, discussion forums, assignments, import/exporting, and much more. This FREE program is an integraded class administration tool for offline as well as Web-based learning.

Educational SoftwareClassMaster

License: Demo Version 3.0
For: Mac OS 7+ Size: 993 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Bradford Publishing Co.

"This electronic gradebook calculates, records, reports, and forecasts student and class performance, and includes a comprehensive attendance component and seating chart. This program serves as a powerful, customizable tool that can accommodate an unlimited amount of student, activity, and attendance data. Features include: license to use at school and at home; seamless transfer of files between Mac and Windows; optional password protection; user-defined grade symbols, subject/activity categories, attendance codes, etc.; daily and historical attendance; raw points or percentage scoring; weighting, rounding, and curving capabilities; extra-credit, not-for-grade and drop lowest grade options; calculations updated automatically; comment storing for student grades; import/export capability; hypothetical performance projection; student performance and attendance reports; over 13 sorting options, and much more!"

Educational SoftwareClass Action Gradebook

License: Shareware ($29.00) Version 4.7
For: Mac OS 7+ Size: 2,500 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: CalEd Software

Designed to be a very easy-to-use and full-featured gradebook with seating charts and a full complement of ready-to-go reports, letters, and graphs (in English and Spanish). In addition, the Elementary and Secondary Edition is designed for teachers who teach several subjects to one class.

Educational SoftwaretheGrader

License: Freeware Version 2.0.2
For: Mac OS 7+ Size: 1,100 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Than'l Interactive Design

theGrader is designed to keep the grading process simple by tracking student names and information. The program allows 20 graded items per course, provides automatic comments, calculates midterm and final grades, and will list them as percentage or letter grades. Other features include eight different grading schemes provided to satisfy various teaching needs, including four-point spreads, five-point spreads, ten-point spreads, pass/fail, and letter grades. You can save grades and comments for individual students or a whole class as plain text files accessible by any word processing program or printed out for distribution. Great FREE program that supports unlimited students with 100 assignments per student.

Educational SoftwarePerfect Score

License: Freeware Version 1.2
For: Mac OS X+ Size: 139 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Keaka Jackson

"GPA Calculator displays your overall and major-specific grade point average (GPA) while maintaining a list of your classes and grades. GPA Calculator ends the mental gymnastics normally required for calculating your GPA. Use GPA Calculator to see how much you can slack off next quarter and still make it into grad school. See how much re-taking that statistics class could help your GPA."