Classroom Behavior Management Tips

Helping Compulsive Talkers

What if you do nothing?

  1. Starting class will be tough.
  2. Everyone is distracted and others join in.
  3. If you take too long to address it, students will see it as unfair. Play video
What Do You Do?
  1. Identify Why They Are Talking- Attention, Peer Status, Sense of Achievement, Aggression?
  2. Talk Privately With Students Right Away
  3. Contact Parents/Guardians
  4. React Consistently
  5. Give Students Small Helper Tasks
  6. Position Student Closer To You (Teacher)
  7. Reinforce Positive Behavior
  8. Find Time to listen to the student. Build a solid Teacher-Student relationship.

Behavior Strategies for Disruptive Students

As teachers we often work with students who are uncooperative or disrupt other students. If you do not address this type of behavior quickly, it can lead to many problems. Here are some quick tips when confronted with disruptive students: Play video

  1. Know Your Students- Most times problems in school are caused by outside forces.
  2. Use a Team Approach- Talk to other staff members that work with the student. See what works for them.
  3. Don't Embarrass Students- This will only lead to more problems.
  4. Model Behavior- Model the behavior you expect from your students.
  5. Speak with Students Privately- It's best to approach students outside of the places they are seeking attention or being disruptive.

How To Start A Class

Getting the ball rolling can be the hardest task of all. Here are some things to keep in mind when you want to begin class. Play video

  1. Greet students at the door.
  2. Make a starting class routine for the kids and yourself.
  3. Use a "do now" or quick assessment.
  4. Remember to take attendance.
  5. Have a sign-in area.
  6. Hear student concerns.

Reinforcing Positive Students Efforts

As teachers we sometimes forget that we have a number of great children in our class that work hard and give their all. But, because they are not the exceptional children in the class, they are rarely recognized for this. Play video

Here are some ways to quickly and regularly recognize these students:

1. Give a call home and say they are doing a great job!

2. Send home a flyer or happy form. It will only take a little time.

3. Make them a printable award certificate.

Teaching Idea

"Writing Checks For Points System"
Olga, Teacher

"In regards to points, my kids got bored. So, I made them check books where they earn credit as they complete work. I also use a response cost system where they have to pay fines. They love it because they feel like little adults and will do anything to write a check. This also reinforces math concepts. I usually use it to buy computer time, etc."

Teaching Idea

"Bubble Gum Machine"
Trina Smith, Grade 4 Teacher

"I have a rather big hand drawn bubble gum machine hanging on the front chalk board. My students are encouraged to fill the machine in order to receive a class reward. I stick paper gumballs onto the machine when the class is caught doing something good....proper line up, good listening etc. I also take away gum balls when the class is overly noisy etc.. The kids love seeing the machine fill up with gumballs. When they achieve a full machine, I give them a popcorn party with a movie, extra gym time, or any other appropriate reward. It works for me!"

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