Educational SoftwareGradeLog

License: Freeware Version 1.4
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 2,950K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Joshua Bee

"GradeLog is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The interface allows you to create grading components assigned to a weight between 0 and 100 percent. In addition GradeLog allows you to enter data by voice with no annoying training problems. GradeLog lets you calculate letter and GPA grades based on raw percentage scores or T-Scores. The component grading system allows versatility and creativity in control of your grades. A component can represent anything."

Educational SoftwareThinkWave Educator

License: Demo ($49.95) Version 2.23
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 18,700K
Program's Home Page Publisher: ThinkWave Software Inc.

A 25 trial program to create and manage assignments, handouts, activities, and schedules. Thinkwave offers extensive options to create flexible and customized grading systems that includes curves, that eliminates low/high scores, customizes assignment categories, and non-standard grade types. You can calculate grades automatically; create lesson plans, seating charts, performance assessments, and much more. The application has the capability to create a wide variety of standard and customizable reports for students, parents, fellow teachers, and administrators as well as evaluate individual student trends at the click of a mouse.

Educational SoftwareReporter

License: Freeware Version 1.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 1,320K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Scarab PD

"Create education reports quickly and easily with customisable comments and using a number of different files to create your reports. An extremely quick and efficient way of creating school reports. Program has 6 'customisable' buttons: - Attendance, Classwork, Practical Skills, Behaviour, Homework, and Targets. Simply add your own comments and then copy and paste into your report. Can handle student names and correct gender phrasing."

Educational SoftwareClassmarks

License: Freeware Version 1.08
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 1,014 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Classmarks

"Classmarks helps you to easily keep track of student marks and performance. It can print, calculate and backup all your class and student data. Besides calculating grades, Classmarks can create report cards with customizable tear-strip. It can also make seating plans, class lists and hard copies of all your marks. Classmarks features quick file loading, automatic backup and great-looking printouts."

Educational SoftwareeGrader

License: Shareware ($10.00) Version 1.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 576K
Program's Home Page Publisher: eGrader

"eGrader is a very easy to use grade calculation application designed for use by the classroom teacher. Grade student work quickly and efficiently with the eGrader. Once the application is open, simply enter the total number of problems given and hit enter. A list of possible incorrect answers and appropriate grades will be displayed. Scroll down the list and click on the incorrect answer and grade and the incorrect answer and grade will be displayed in a larger font. Also, you can calculate grades on an individual basis by entering the total number of problems and the number of incorrect answers in a separate input field and eGrader will calculate the appropriate grade per student. Requires: .NET Framework 1.1"

Educational SoftwareGrades For Students

License: 30-Day Trial Version 4.05
For: Windows 95' to Window 7 Size: 1,850 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: SupremeSoft

"An easy to use program that allows students to keep track of their course grades, teachers, assignments, test scores, number of credits, and calculates overall GPA. Grades for Students supports assignment reminder functionality, assignment weighting, and includes the unique Grade Predictor feature which can help a student determine what their final course grade might be. Grades for Students is suitable for all education levels. "