June Helpers

June Teacher Helpers

- Day-to-Day
- Super Helpers

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Series 1

A Look Back At The School Year

- Wonderful Passages
- Makes It Fun!

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End of the School Year

  1. A Look Back At The School Year
  2. All's Well That Ends Well
  3. An Autograph Book from Yesteryear
  4. Create a Class Yearbook
  5. End of the School Year Lesson Plans
  6. End of the School Year Lessons & Worksheets
  7. End of the School Year Poems
  8. June Teacher Helpers
  9. June Monthly Helpers 2
  10. Getting Ready For The Final Day of School
  11. How Do I Get There From Here?
  12. Looking Forward To Summer?
  13. Summer Season Lesson and Worksheets Series

World Environment Day

  1. Animal Lesson Plans
  2. Earth Day Lesson Plans
  3. Earth Day Teaching Theme
  4. Earth's Properties Lesson Plans
  5. Earth Science Lesson Plans
  6. Energy Science Vocabulary
  7. Environment Lesson Plans
  8. Environment Vocabulary Words
  9. Even Kids Can Help the Earth! Lesson Set
  10. Farm Lesson Plans
  11. Oceans Lesson Plans
  12. Planning For Earth Day?
  13. Plant Life Lesson Plans
  14. Rainforest Lesson Plans
  15. Who Knew Mother Earth Has So Many Problems?

End of School Checklist For Teachers

- Make it Easy!

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Teacher Daily Forms

- Student Forms
- Great Templates

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Scientific Method Week

  1. 100 Most Often Used Science Words Unit
  2. Application of the Scientific Method
  3. Ask the Antlion
  4. Basic Science Principle Lesson Plans
  5. Inquiring Minds Want To Know
  6. Introduction to the Scientific Method
  7. Inventors / Inventions Teaching Theme
  8. Mystery Liquids! Hypothesis or Inference?
  9. Up, Up and Away with the Scientific Method
  10. Science Teaching Tips
  11. Scientific Method Lesson Plans

Writing For Fun Day

  1. Creative Writing Theme
  2. Expository Writing
  3. Reading & Writing Lesson Guide
  4. Types of Writing
  5. Types of Writing Theme
  6. Types of Writing Worksheets
  7. Writing Helpers Series
  8. Writing Lesson Plans
  9. Writing Starters Collection
Sci method

Application of the Scientific Method

- Guided Conclusions
- Very Helpful

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Ultimate Writing Series

- Practice Assignments
- Great Series

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Word of the Day Month

  1. 100 Most Often Misspelled English Words
  2. Complete Vocabulary Unit Lessons
  3. How to Learn New Vocabulary Words Quickly
  4. Most Common Adjectives Unit
  5. Most Common Nouns Unit
  6. Most Common Verbs Unit
  7. Most Often Misspelled Words For Grade 3-8
  8. Undercover Vocabulary
  9. Vocabulary Drawing
  10. Vocabulary Lesson Plans
  11. Words 'R Us

Father's Day

  1. Dad's 'Magnetic' Personality
  2. End of School Checklist For Parents
  3. Father's Day Lesson Plans
  4. Father´┐Żs Day Spelling Workbook
  5. Father's Day Vocabulary Worksheets
  6. Father's Day Wind Chimes
  7. Good Grief!
  8. June Monthly Helpers
  9. Like Father, Like Son: Presidential Families
  10. My Family Tradition
  11. Reading Comprehension: Occupations
  12. Word Families Workbook

Flag Day

  1. Designing a Flag Lesson Plan
  2. Flag Day Lesson Plans
  3. Flag Day Reading Comprehension Workbook
  4. Flag Day Spelling Workbook
  5. Flag Day Vocabulary Worksheets
  6. Flag Day Word Alphabetization Workbook
  7. Flag Day Word Scramble Workbook
  8. Fold the Flag
  9. The American Flag Reading Comprehension
  10. Voting: Registering and Why It's Important

Looking Forward To Summer?

- Fun Reading Topics
- Writing Skills

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June Monthly Helpers

- Make It Fun!
- Writing Practice

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