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Earth's Properties Lesson Plans

  1. Earth's Mantle Convection - The student will set up a model of a situation occuring in nature. The student will make predictions based on prior knowledge.
  2. Geological Time Line- The student will demonstrate knowledge of when coal was formed.
  3. Layers of the Earth- Students will understand that the earth is made up of different layers.
  4. Planets Lesson Plan- Planet For Sale!
  5. The Earth and its Moon - Students will understand that the Earth rotates once each day on its axis, this is cause of night and day.
  6. The Geologists Dilemma- Identify when a condition of scarcity exists. Determine that resources are limited, and thus scarce. List some of our chief energy sources.
  7. The Day and Night Sky - tudents will be able to chart properties of the day and night sky and identify similarities and differences.