Websites For Learning All About The Environment

  1. All Things Antarctic!- The online resource for news, weather, history, wildlife and other information related to Antarctica. Shop the educational store which carries books, videos and maps as well as gifts, clothing and photographs.
  2. Athropolis- When three children land upon an iceberg - they meet the Throps and the Squallhoots. Story, songs, games, and learn about the Arctic.
  3. BBC Nature Online - Useful information about the planet we live in including wild animals and human evolution. Curious facts and news. Younger kids can use some extra guidance.
  4. Children of the Earth United- A non-profit organization which helps young people learn about animals, plants, ecology, and nature centers. Site also provides a forum for people to share their creative ideas and knowledge of the environment.
  5. Diversity- Explores the enormous variety of life on the Earth.
  6. Earth and Animal Facts- An educational web site about earth ecology, plant and animal life, and wildlife.
  7. Earthforce- National non-profit youth organization empowers kids to help solve local environmental problems.
  8. Eddy the Eco-Dog- Eddy is a fun, hip, lovable canine who has surfed through the universe and landed on planet Earth to help you have fun learning more about nature, science and the environment.
  9. EEK - Environmental Education for Kids - Interactive online magazine by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Designed for children in grades 4-8.
  10. Environmental Fun and Games - Information, online fun and games, for kids of all ages.
  11. Environmental Literacy Council - Looks at a variety of issues related to the environment, including topics such as air, food, energy, water, population, and waste.
  12. Explorers Club- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's site for kids. Lots of fun and interesting things to read and do to learn about the environment.
  13. GreenScreen - The Global Habitat Project - Environmental education by kids for kids.
  14. Growing African Violets at School - Provides kids information about growing African Violets at school.
  15. Kidlink - Global networking for youth through the age of 15. This amazing site has brought together 110,000 kids from around the world to discuss problems affecting their countries and to work together to solve them.
  16. Kids for Saving Earth - Preschoolers through teenagers will find great ways they can help take care of the earth.
  17. Live from Antarctica- Explores life under, on, and high above the Southern Ocean/
  18. Live Nature Sounds- Live sounds of nature broadcasted 24 hours a day from Idyllwild, California.
  19. Living Edens- Learn about this wildlife sanctuaries all over the work, including information on the animals.
  20. National Wildlife Federation For Kids- Play games, go on a virtual tour and meet Ranger Rick in this fun website.
  21. Tour of Biomes- A biome is a distinct ecological community of plants and animals living together in a particular climate. Learn about tropical rain forests, tropical savannahs, deciduous forests, deserts, subarctic taigas, and polar tundras.
  22. Warning! Water Pollution!- Four Hong Kong kids in a school called HKIS tell about the problem of water pollution in Hong Kong and worldwide. Includes photos.
  23. Water Science for Schools- Information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.
  24. What Causes Rainfall? - Explains what causes rain to fall.
  25. Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Contest - Open to children in the USA in grades 4-12. Draw your state fish and win prizes.
  26. Young People's Trust for the Environment- Information written for young people and teachers on environmental issues.