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Planet For Sale!



You and your partner are realtors who are selling a planet in our solar system. You want to advertise globally, and universally, so you will create a web page. This web page will compete against other solar retaliator web pages, so be creative!

Your Page Should Include:

o     Planet name?

o     What number is the planet from the sun?

o     What is the distance from earth?

o     What is the closest planet? How far away is that?

o     What makes up the atmosphere? (Temperature, weather, etc.)

o     What makes up the surface? (Any crustal activity? For example: quakes, volcanoes, etc.)

o     What is its mass?

o     Does the planet have any moons and/or rings? If so, what are their names?

o     What is its orbital period? (How long does it take it to orbit the sun? How many "Earth years" is that?)

o     What is its rotation period? (How long does it take spin once around its axis?)

o     What, if any, myth or legend is about this planet?

o     Have any space missions visited this planet? Which ones? Did they land or just fly by?

o     Anything else interesting?

Also Include On Your Page:

q       Name of realtor company

q       Logo of your company

q       Name of you and your partner (Only your first names)

q       Date of last revision:

q       Two other web sites you recommend the buyer to visit for more information about your planet (Hyperlinks)

q       Graphics

q       Home Page - button

Time Line:

Day 1 & 2:

1.      Go over project

2.      Find partner

3.      Answer questions up above (You can use the internet or library)


Day 3 & 4:

1.      On computer please do the following

o     Open Microsoft Publisher

o     Click on web sites

o     Click on a web page template (Pick one you like.)

o     Change the info. by deleting and adding

2.      Good luck! Take your time, this is going on the information highway (Internet).

Some Good Sites To Check Out:

  1. Welcome To The Planets
  2. The Planets
  3. Solar System Dynamics

Submitted by: Luann Wiese

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