Countries, Continents, and Geography Lesson Plans

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  1. Around The World: World Continents and Oceans - Students will work to grasp key areas of the Earth and Geographic Regions.
  2. Culture and Language - Students will research assigned cultures, concentrating mostly on the culture's languages.
  3. Europe Map - Analyze location of European countries to determine their importance as a seaport at some time in their history and determine which countries would likely be trading partners.
  4. European Colonization of North America - Lesson will introduce why European countries colonized North America and what religion, food, traditions, and architecture they brought.
  5. Geography Weather Symbols - Students need to learn how to read, translate, and analyze the activities and how it affects a particular country in the scientific, political, and geographical areas.
  6. How Mother Earth Looks (Landforms) - This lesson will explore different landforms.
  7. How to Use Maps - We introduce maps to students. This is a task based lesson.
  8. Inaugural Classroom, The- Lesson Plans on the Inauguration.
  9. The Geography of St. Vincent - This lesson will explore the geography of the Caribbean isle of St. Vincent.
  10. World Affairs - It will include reading in the content area concerning foreign-policy issues, and use of maps to help the students understand and analyze the relationships between arious countries and regions across the world.
  11. Who do we import goods from? - Students will identify products in their home that have been imported from other countries.