Canada Lesson Plans

Canada Teaching Resources | Canada Worksheets

  • A Flag of Canada's Own- Students examine the representative symbols of flags and make their own national flags for Canada.
  1. Canada: A Land Rich in Beauty and Culture- This PDF document focuses on the geography, provinces, and cultural history of Canada.
  2. Canada: Four Trading Cards - This project is a cumulation of learning from lessons and readings in Grade Five Social Studies as well, a fun way to present information about Canada to classmates and share through print this information as a trading card.
  3. Canadian Citizenship and World Languages - We look at the Canada's Rights and Freedoms. We also look at the various Language spoken in the Maple leaf country.
  4. Canada's Cultural Connections - Students will examine the different ways that they see culture in Canada.
  5. Canadian Province Puzzle- "Students will examine the shapes of each province as well as where it belongs in Canada."
  6. Come to Canada! Poster- "Students will examine the positive aspects of Canada (e.g.. diversity, natural resources, scenery) while they design a poster attracting people to come to Canada (travel or immigrate)."
  7. Hi Neighbor! A Journey through Canada- "Through active participation, learners will develop a global awareness of our neighbor to the north, Canada. Learners will explore the complex nature of the Canadian culture by examining significant historical Canadian events. Spatial sense skills are exposed and extended through various hands-on multi-sensory lessons."
  8. Planning a Canadian Expedition- "Students will examine the physical and climatic characteristics of a physiographic region in Canada through planning an expedition of the area as though they are early explorers (with a present-day knowledge of the geography, though without settlements!)."
  9. Planning a Trip in Canada Using Mileage- "Students will use the mileage charts on a map of Canada to plan a trip that will be possible within a pre-set mileage."
  10. Traveling to Canada - Students explore Canadian culture.