Lesson Plan : Canada's Cultural Connections

Teacher Name:
 Miss Sauve
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 Canada's Cultural Connections to the World
 Canada and World Connections-Grade 6-Canada's Links to the World Students will: describe some of the connections that Canada shares with the rest of the world. (ex. trade, history, geography, tourism, economic assistance, immigration, indigenous peoples, peacekeeping, media, and culture) students will: describe some influences of other countries on contemporary Canadian society and the lifestyles of Canadians. (ex. technologies, disease, heritage, celebrations, foods, sports, and entertainment)
 Students will: examine the different ways that they see culture in Canada -organize previous information by reviewing and recording relevant parts of culture
 Volleyball, cultural tags, overheadentitled, "Canada's Cultural Connections to the World", candy.
 Teacher will ask: Who can tell me what the word culture means? Where might we see culture? The teacher will lead students in a brainstorming session about culture.
 Stimulate prior learning: On monday we discussed 8 ideas that talked about Canada's cultural connections to the world. Let's see how many we can remember.
 Take a couple of minutes to write them down. It will be boys against girls. The one student with the most points will win a treat. You must put up your hand when you have written them all down. If no one can find all 8, we will try for 7 and so on.
 Chelsea-Have a copy of chart with all answers provided for her to look at when we are taking up as a class.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will ask questions to make sure that students are on task and are grasping the subject material. The teacher will also collect work books in order to check the prior learning assignment from the beginning of the class.
 Ball Toss: Put "Boys" on one side and "Girls" on the other side of the black board. I am going to ask for a couple of volunteers. I am going to toss this volley ball towards one person on each team. When that person touches the volleyball, they can choose one aspect of culture that is written on it.They have to give me one example of where they may see this example in Canadian life. If the person gets the example correct they will earn a point for their team. The end result is that one team will win or each team will tie.
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