Lesson Plan : TRAVEL

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 Luz Angela D�az Uribe
 Grade 7-8
 World Languages

 EXPLANATION OF THERE AND THERE ARE NOUNS AND PLURALS.Vocabulary Set: - Airplane - Airport - Tickets - Passengers - Checking account - Luggage - Countries - Food - Culture - Fly away - Take off - To land - Hotels - Beach - Mountain - Junk food - Train Station - Train - Travel Agency - Travel agent - Visa - Passport - Boat - Ship - Bus - Subway - Motorcycle - Island - Bag - Hiking Boots - Swimsuit - Cap - Tan - Insect repellent - Tent - Sleeping bag - Cell phone - Clothes
 SKILLS: READING Reading Activity for the group: The kids look up the flashcards or the posters related to the reading about travelling to �Machupichu� the teacher brings to the class. The posters are wrapped on the board. They have expressions with there is and there are. The students read the posters while they listen to the cd. PLEASE DESCRIBE THE CD: what is it about? What do the students have to do with the information in the CD? Are there any activities to do while listening? WHY IS THE INFORMATION ABOUT MACHUPICHU? Description: The cd is about cultures of the world. The topics are short trips around the world and while the students are listening the story the teacher is showing the images stopping the cd when it is necessary to talk or discuss something related to it. The information is about Machupichu because we are talking about travelling and this a destiny to talk about. Pair reading Activity The students receive a reading about �the different ways of traveling� with some instructions. They have to read it in couples trying to understand it and answering the questions with there is and there are. Then, they make an oral report of what they understand and their opinions in reported speech. COULD YOU PLEASE ATTACH THE SET OF QUESTIONS THAT THEY HAVE TO ANSWER? WHAT�S THE TIME LIMIT FOR READING? DO THEY HAVE A MODEL TO DO THE REPORT? DOES THE COUPLE TAKE TURNS TO SPEAK? IF SO, HOW DO THEY DO IT? Set of questions: How many ways of traveling are there? Is there any way of traveling that you like most? How do you like to travel? Do you like to travel by bus? Have you ever been traveling by ship? If so, how did you feel after the trip? Is there any special place that you would like to know? Why? Are there special cultures that you think are important to know? The reading is not long so the students have 15 min. to do it and 30 min. to answer the questions. After that, the students begin to present the answers of the questions taking turns to speak in reported speech because one presents the answers of the other. For example: �Martin thinks that travelling by ship is not so good because��.� Individual reading activity: The student is taking to the computer room where there is software that allows him to work alone in reading comprehension and develop certain activities related to the reading. WHAT ACTIVITIES (CERTAIN??) ? PLEASE DESCRIBE THEM WHAT READINGS ARE THEY EXPOSED TO? IS THE READING THE SAME FOR EVERYONE IN THE CLASS? WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF THE ACTIVITY: IMPROVE THE READING SKILL, CATCH VOCABULARY, LEARN TO SKIP AND SCAM, OR JUST GET A GENERAL IDEA OF WHAT THEY READ AND REPORT? Actually, the teachers plan a reading class taking the students to the computers room with activities taken previously from internet with some questions. Many times, the students have to do a report of what they understand about it or prepare an oral report in power point with the general ideas about what they read. There are a set of 5 readings to be chosen, the have to choose on and then develop the points. The idea is that students improve reading skill and report to the rest of the group what they have read. WRITING Group writing Activity: The students have to write a script about �Visiting Colombia�. They have to discuss about beautiful places in Colombia; the routes people have to take; the itinerary and the means of transportation. Then they have to present it in public. IS THERE A LIMIT OF WORDS FOR THE PARAGRAPH? IN THE PRESENTATION: DO THEY READ THE PARAGRAPH? I think it is a good idea to do a Forum activity with pictures brought to class by the teacher. You can show a picture of Sierra Nevada and ask them to give you the first idea that comes to their minds when they see the picture. Write them on the board. Then, make coherent sentences putting some of the ideas together. After that, ask them to write a short paragraph in a piece of paper using the phrases on the board so that they work on connectors and punctuation, individually. At the end they can present their ideas to the class. Give them specific time for each activity and clear parameters so that the class has an organization and a clear objective. Pick up the papers at the end to assess writing, vocabulary and coherence. I was thinking about 200 words. My idea is a type of invitation like for example: �Welcome to Colombia. Here you have the possibility to know lots of beautiful places that you cannot find in any other part of the world. Visit Santa Marta and you could see La sierra Nevada where you can�.. Visit Bucaramanga and you will see the beauty of�.. Go to the Amazonas and you will enjoy� � and thing like these. This activity could be done in Movie maker in the computer or in power point and presented to the group. Each group can have 5 students and the presentation can take 10 minutes . Pair writing Activity: A student tells the other the most beautiful travel experience that he/she ever had. Then they have to write the other`s experience on the notebook and then they have to tell it to the whole group. REMEMBER THAT STUDENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO USE A GRAMMAR STRUCTURE WHEN DOING THE ACTIVITY. (THERE IS, THERE ARE) AND SPECIFIC VOCABULARY ASK THEM TO WRITE IDEAS (TAKE NOTES) OF THE OTHER�S NARRATION, NOT TO WRITE THE WHOLE STORY. THE PRESENTATION OF THE OTHER�S EXPERIENCE CAN BE DONE AS A SPEAKING ACTIVITY. IT IS A GOOD ACTIVITY AS YOU ARE DEVELOPING MORE THAN ONE SKILL. Individual writing student: The students have to think about a person who live abroad and write a letter to him/her. DO YOU GIVE THEM A MODEL FOR THE LETTER? IF SO, PLEASE ATTACH IT YOU CAN ADD A SEASON OF THE YEAR: e.g. A Christmas letter, a birthday note, a St Valentine�s letter, or just a �say hello� letter. The letter is not one with all the norms and rules that a letter has. It is only an activity that allows me to know how students can express their feelings to the person who lives far away from them and of course they have to follow some instructions like using there is, there are and some vocabulary related to the topic. May be the letter could a birthday note. LISTENING Group Listening Activity The students listen to a song several times. After that, they have to fill in the gaps in a paper that the teacher previously delivered. Then, the whole group does pronunciation activities guided by the teacher and after that, they sing the whole song. HOW DID YOU CHOOSE THE SONG? ARE THEY GOING TO LIKE THE SONG? HOW WOULD YOU SET THE CONTEXT BEFORE PLAYING THE SONG: Do you elicit information about the singer, do you ask them about different kinds of music, do you play a bit of the song for them to guess and then play more and more pieces of the song to see if they were right? PLEASE DESCRIBE THE OBJECTIVE OF THE ACTIVITY As we are talking about cultures and travels, in the previous class a student talked about a trip to Jamaica that he had done with his parents. So we talked about many things including reggae. I took a reggae song from UB 40 �Kingston town� and I developed the activity with it. The objective of this activity is that students know the rhythm and talk a little bit about the culture. Pair Listening Activity: The students listen to a dialogue about �Mum and Dad Go to Italy�. They have to listen to it carefully and prepare a role play to present in front of the group, taking into account the clothes and different objects they have to use. ARE YOU USING THE VOCABULARY ABOUT TRAVELLING ALSO? I think they can do the role play changing the end of the story (dialogue) so that the activity is more interesting and creative for students I agree. The idea of this activity is that the student can talk about the way Mum and dad used to go to Italy; what happened there; what food they ate and so on. Things that show cultural parts of the trip and at the same time the students develop their kinesthetic intelligence. Individual Listen Activity: The students listen to a story without an end told by the teacher. Each one of them has to draw a picture related to the story and the end of it. WHAT DO THEY DO WITH THE PICTURE? WHAT IF THEY SAY �I�m not good at drawing�? You can ask them to draw simple pictures that show every step of the story. So, you play the story and stop it every time for them to draw something related to what they listened to. Then, you continue playing and stopping it. In the end, they all are going to have a cartoon which has to show a sequence of the story. They show it to the class and can narrate what the pictures are telling. SPEAKING Group Speaking Activity: The teacher asks a question about the places the students want to go to study and why. The students take turns to speak and reply the others. Pair speaking Activity The teacher takes the students to the computer room and they have to produce a video through movie maker. They have to create the images and the narration of the video. WHAT ABOUT SHOWING A PIECE OF A MUTED MOVIE? THE STUDENTS COME UP WITH A DIALOGUE FOR EACH OF THE CHARACTERS THAT THEY CAN�T LISTEN TO. THEY RECORD THE DIALOGUE WITH THE PAUSES OF THE MOVIE AND FOLLOWING THE IMAGES. THEN, YOU PLAY THE PIECE OF THE MOVIE (MUTED) AND THEY PLAY THEIR RECORDINGS. FINALLY, YOU PLAY THE MOVIE WITH THE ORIGINAL SOUND AND COMPARE IT TO THE DIALOGUES THAT THE STUDENTS CAME UP WITH. This is an excellent idea. I am going to do it because it develops the imagination of the pupils. Individual speaking activity: The students go to the lab and choose an activity related to there is and there are they have to listen and to answer (what do they answer?) using the microphone and headphones. Activities of intonation and pronunciation are required too. HOW DO YOU ASSESS THE ACTIVITY? They have a list of 5 questions
Checking For Understanding:
  SELF-ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY 1. Do you like to travel? Yes No Why? 2. Who do you like to travel with? Why? 3. Do you like Colombia? Why? 4. Are you planning to study abroad, when you finish your high school? Yes No Why? No Why? 5. Do you like to know people from other cultures? Yes No Why? 6. What is your favorite country? Why? 7. Do you like English? Yes No Why? 8. Do you like to travel by airplane? Yes No Why? Yes 9. Have you read about the country you like? Yes No Why? Yes No Why? 10. Why is travelling important for you? Group Assessment: Items to be Assessed: � They work together cooperatively � Their performance was consistent with the given theme � They participate actively in the activity � The group brought all the materials needed for the class � The group used the appropriate technology resources and solved the problems that they had developing the activity. WHAT ACTIVITY ARE YOU ASSESSING? I can assess the activity of the invitation for visiting Colombia.
 Portfolio Activity The students must get a folder. They have to divide it with cardboard into ten parts. Each division must be decorated with pictures related to the theme. For example if we are going to talk about animals, the division must be decorated with animals In each part students must keep: � Workshops: readings, spelling activities, � homework � Activities: word search, crossword puzzles, matchings, etc. � Evaluations and quizzes � The reflections made in class COULD YOU NAME THE TEN DIVISIONS? 1. Sentences of the day and reflections 2. Workshops 3. Homework 4. Notes and verbal explanations given in the class 5. Activities: crossword puzzles, word search 6. Bibliographies and internet directions or web pages 7. Evaluations , quizzes and corrections of them 8. Addresses, e-mails and telephone numbers of the teacher and classmates. 9. Investigations and research done by me for my personal study 10. Readings given by the teacher and taken by me from books or internet.
 TEST Name:__________________________ Grade____ 1. Complete the following sentences using there is and there are: a. _____________ a beautiful place where I want to live b. I think ________________ several cultures in that country c. That is a place where _________________ many religions d. If ___________ a will _____________ a way 2. According to the reading write T if is True or F if it is False Maria decided to go to United Stated to study medicine. She is absolutely excited because there are many possibilities to success. There are some medical centers to practice and campus to live. There is one thing that she worries about, she does not like the airplanes. She must sleep during the trip because she feels panic. But while she is sleeping she dreams on there are many things to do there. a. Maria is happy because she is going abroad ______ b. There are many possibilities in the country that Maria chooses ______ c. Maria does not care about airplanes ______ d. There is one thing that worries Maria ______ 3. Write the appropriate plural a. Country _______________ b. Airplane _______________ c. Beach _______________ d. Travel Agency ________________ e. Mountain ________________ WOULD YOU ADD SOME MORE POINTS TO TEST THEIR OTHER SKILLS? 4. Match: a. People from Holland speak ____ American b. In Brazil people speak ____ English and French c. People from United States are ____ Denmark d. In Canada there are ____ Portuguese e. Danish is spoken in ____ Dutch 5. Describe in 50 words how do like Colombia and why
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